What Are Some Exercises I Can Do to Improve My Balance and Stability?

Did you know that working on your stability comes with tons of benefits?

From improving your core strength to enhancing performance in other sports, balance exercises can help you reach your physical goals. They’re also gentle, making them perfect for those of you who want to work out without straining your bodies.

But stability is a little more than balancing on one foot. There are actually lots of different exercises you can do!

Take a look at these balance workouts to start working on yours from home.

Check Your Stability

If you’re a senior, you should check your stability before starting a physical balance routine. You can do this with the 4 stage balance test.

With 4 easy exercises, you can judge your current balance. If you can’t do the exercises, you might be a fall risk. You could injure yourself easily and we’d recommend not doing our stability routines without help.

1) One-Legged Balance 

It’s always important to work up to harder exercises in sport, so let’s start with something simple.

This move involves balancing on one leg – it’s as simple as that! Keep a chair or wall close by in case you need some support. Stand with your feet together and raise one foot with your knee either facing to the side or straight forward. Stay like this with your eyes open before doing it with them closed.

2) Standing Crunch With Clap 

Once you’ve mastered standing still on one leg, it’s time to add some movement! Start in the one-legged balance position with your knee straight in front of you. Raise your hands over your head and join them together.

Now, bend forward into a crunch and bring your arms down under your raised leg. Clap once before bringing your arms back up above your head. Repeat the exercise 10 times before moving to the other leg.

3) T-Stand With Hinge and Bend 

Once again, begin by balancing on your left leg. Raise your arms to your sides and stretch them out. With your left arm, reach down and touch your left foot, bending from the hip.

Bring your arm back up before tightening your core muscles and pushing your left leg out behind you. At the same time, bring your left arm down again to touch your left ankle. For this to work, keep your leg out straight and always bend at your hips!

Switch your legs and repeat for 8 reps.

4) Rolling Arm Side Plank

For this last exercise you’ll be moving to the floor, so use a mat to stay comfortable.

Begin in a side plank, using just your forearm to hold up your body. Reach your other arm high into the air above you.

Then, bring your arm down and roll it under your body, shifting the weight to this forearm. Bring your other arm into the air. Hold each pose for around 3 seconds before switching, rolling from side to side for 12 reps.

Keep Fit and Stay Stable!

Keeping your stability is important for everyday life, not just sports. These exercises to improve balance in seniors, adults, and kids should be done frequently to see the best results. Keep them up and your core will be stronger than ever!

For more exercise tips and ways you can stay healthy from home, be sure to check out more of our articles.

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