Facebook Shuts Down The Largest Anime Group Again

Before getting shut down by Facebook, AnimeWorldUnite! Was one of the largest Anime communities growing at a rapid pace on Facebook. Every single fan of anime seemed to love the group for its unique content.

Before getting shut down, the group was growing very fast, In fact, it occasionally touched the mark of a around 10k people joining per day, and there were many admins and moderators approving and disapproving around an astonishing 12k posts per day! Based on these stats, group admins were speculating that the group would cross the historical milestone of 1 million members by the end of April 2020. This would’ve been a great achievement for all the anime lovers on the planet.

This community is undoubtedly the greatest anime community of all times, and no other anime community ever came closer to this much popularity and memberships.

Moderators Did Their Jobs Well

Unlike the Facebook employees, who never seem to focus on their actual work, the moderators in our AnimeWorld group were actually very respectable, and they worked hard to maintain a good controlled environment within the group. All of the moderators had to work hard every day to let new members in the group, analyze the new posts submitted for approval, and also to resolve any member reported posts within the group. This required them to work harder and harder everyday as the community grew bigger.

Approving The Posts; One of the main things that admins and moderators had to do was to analyze every single post, and disapprove any inappropriate, non-English, sexual or irrelevant post.

Analyzing Reported Posts; Any type of inappropriate posts, comments or remarks that the group members didn’t like to be in the group were also analyzed by our moderators. Staying neutral in such conditions is very tough, buy them seemed to be doing their work perfectly.

Approving Join Requests; While a majority of accounts were allowed in the group without any restrictions, spam and new accounts with little to no history weren’t included in the group. This was to keep the spam accounts out of this wonderful community.

These things were like a full time job for the admins and moderators.

The Group Gets Shut Down, Again

Apparently, the largest public anime Facebook group strangely disappeared once again. Facebook analytics make it difficult to conform the exact numbers, so it’s easier to say this way in case they were incorrect with their estimates. So far, nobody from Facebook has stepped ahead to give a solid reason for the group’s disappearance. There is nothing from Facebook that we can refer to.

This Damaged The Community Badly

Building such a large and dedicated community of anime fans takes a lot of struggle and hard work. So, every community member was left shocked when they found out that they no longer can see any post from the Facebook group. This has deeply damaged the anime community, as the group had just passed the 740k member milestone before disappearing. Facebook’s irresponsible approach to groups and communities have affected many other groups in the past too.

The Facebook’s relevant team should make the actions taken against any community clear and transparent.

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