5 Toddler Milestones to Celebrate

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid and everyone in the room cheered for you just because you took a bite of that green stuff on your plate? It was a pretty great feeling to have all eyes on you as everyone celebrated.

Well, there are plenty of milestones that your toddler needs to be celebrated for too!

Raising a child is tough but watching as they grow right before your eyes is amazing.

Keep reading for our guide to the five toddler milestones that you must celebrate as your child develops.

  1. Starting Potty Training

Potty training your toddler is a huge milestone that is definitely worth celebrating. This is something that some toddlers can catch onto quickly but for others can take a while.

Make sure to take potty training day by day and celebrate the small victories. Once you’ve fully potty trained your toddler you’ll be celebrating this milestone for a long time.

  1. Beginning to Use Words

Words will come for most toddlers at different stages in their development. They start by saying one word until they can use two words together.

Each new word your toddler learns can feel like a milestone to parents!

If you don’t feel like your toddler is progressing as they should, then you might want to consider speech therapy. It’s a great way to help stimulate speech if you don’t feel like they’re where they should be.

  1. Feeding Themselves

Once your toddler is able to pick up small pieces of food and feed themselves you should be in the mood to celebrate. They may even be able to start using a spoon to feed themselves as well. This is a huge milestone for both you and your child.

By this point, you should also be able to feed them a variety of foods and let them try new things. Hopefully, you don’t have a picky eater on your hands!

  1. Becoming Independent

Another milestone to celebrate is when your toddler can show independence. Have they started doing things completely on their own without your help?

You’ll always be their parent and they’re going to need your help but this is a great milestone that shows their development.

Independence is something that all children must learn and the sooner the better. There are several ways you can encourage your toddler to be independent too!

  1. Being More Imaginative

Have you noticed your toddler has started to use their imagination during playtime? If so, then you should definitely be celebrating this milestone!

When toddlers use their imagination they’re becoming their own person and learning to be creative. They may not be playing with other children at this stage yet but they’re still creating scenarios and having a good time which is why you should celebrate.

Toddler Milestones to Celebrate

Celebrating your toddler milestones is fun and you can watch as your baby learns and develops day by day. Make sure to go out of your way to cheer them on as they reach these new and big milestones.

Parents are like teachers and cheerleaders as their kids are constantly growing and learning new things.

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