5 Consequences of Car Accidents Beyond Injury

If you have ever been in a car accident, you are familiar with all that it impacts. The after-effects of a car accident can literally disrupt every aspect of your life. The many ways a car accident affects your life may make it difficult for you to concentrate on anything else, to the point that you start suffering from depression and anxiety just thinking of the things you have left unattended and those you have been unable to do. And through it all, the only thing you want is to get back to your life the way it was before this unfortunate accident happened.

How can this be? What are five consequences of a car accident beyond injuries?

A blow to your financial situation

There’s no easy to measure the financial impact of a car accident. Many things may contribute to the amount this event ends up costing you. You may have medical bills piling up that are not covered either by your or the other party’s insurance. You may have repairs to your car that are also beyond what insurance covers, and you may even be facing the possibility of having to replace your car.

Trouble with transportation

How do you get to and from work without a car? How do you take care of chores and errands with no transportation? Something that was easy before the accident, suddenly turns into something that requires your attention all the time. Call a taxi, get a rideshare, hop on a bus, call a coworker for a ride, think twice about trips that before required no thought. You may opt for renting a car for a period of time which will add even further strain to your finances.

You can’t go to work

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may find that you are unable to go back to work. Or you may discover that your employer doesn’t provide paid sick leave. Or you may start suffering from stress and frustration at being unable to go back to work.

Emotional suffering

This may not become immediately apparent after the accident but can result in long-term effects. You may find yourself dealing with emotional or psychological issues such as fear, PTSD, anxiety, crying episodes, mood swings and lack of energy, among other issues. You may even become afraid of getting back behind a wheel.

Hike to your insurance policy

To top it all off, you may be facing an increase in your insurance rate. One single accident may result in your rates increasing for as long as the accident remains on your driver’s record. This will also have an impact on your financial picture.

If you concentrate only on the negative impact that this car accident has had on your life or if you must spend your days trying to recover from any injuries and seeing your medical bills pile up, you may be disregarding a very important fact: you may be entitled to recover your damages.

There is a certain time frame that must be followed in these situations. Don’t delay and obtain professional legal advice right away. An aggressive and experienced lawyer that you connect with through 1-800-Inured can explain to you every aspect of accident law as it relates to your particular situation and help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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