What To Binge Watch This Weekend: ’30 Rock’

I imagine there’s a good chance you might be looking for something to binge. We are all burning through our binge watch plans quicker than we anticipated. It happens. In fact, this recommendation comes from me looking for something to binge. I didn’t find a new show to dip into just yet. It seems like I might finally dive into Schitt’s Creek. What I did find out, though, is that 30 Rock is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

I love 30 Rock. That brilliant joke machine comes from a glorious era of NBC sitcoms. Personally, I think it might be better than The Office, aka the internet’s favorite show. I love jokes and clever turns of phrase, and 30 Rock has that in spades. It doesn’t have a ton of heart, or grounding in a world we can understand, but when you can laugh as much as I do when watching 30 Rock who cares? Plus, I happen to have a soft spot for TV shows and movies about making TV shows and movies. There’s a reason Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood was my favorite movie of 2019.

30 Rock is about the making of a TV show akin to Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey, an SNL veteran, created the show and stars as Liz Lemon. Alec Baldwin, in his best role, plays her boss/nemesis/mentor Jack Donaghy. Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan play the stars of the show within the show. They are both impossible people to deal with. They are also both truly hilarious characters. The rest of the show is fleshed out by other employees, dudes and ladies Liz and Jack are dating, and so on.

Here's why Tina Fey's 30 Rock is more than just a comedy ...

I don’t think Fey is a good actor, to be honest. When I see her in something she didn’t create or write she usually is a little wooden and unremarkable. That being said, Liz Lemon is a role she really could sink her teeth into. I mean, she was sort of playing a version of herself. Fey isn’t Daniel Day-Lewis, but she can be herself on screen and deliver jokes. Plus, it’s worth having her on screen anything given how great the writing on 30 Rock is. It’s such a quotable show, and even the lesser episodes have at least a few hard laughs. Frankly, it’s been too long since I really watched some 30 Rock. I should check out a few episodes.

It takes a few episodes for 30 Rock to get going, like a lot of new shows it had some pipe to lay to get the story in place, but get through those and then just ride the wave of jokes. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

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