Symbiosis Distance Bachelors of Commerce


  • Symbiosis distance learning program was borne out of the need to equip those desiring higher education but don’t have the time to study due to their work schedule. In India, a lot of people are not adopting this method of learning since access to the internet is now very easy.
  • Symbiosis is a private institute and was founded in 2001 to provide educational services both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • In this post, we will walk you through the eligibility requirements, tuition cost, and how to apply for admission.
  • Let’s get started

Courses Offered

The following are the subjects you are expected to learn under the B.Com program

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Human Ethics, Values, Rights, and Gender Equality
  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics
  • History
  • Speech Communication
  • Business Correspondence and Report Writing
  • Library
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Finance
  • Business Communications
  • Advance Urdu
  • Rural Development
  • Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Computer fundamentals
  • C Programming Lab
  • Business Mathematics and statistics
  • Modern Banking Practices
  • Business Ethics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Programming in C
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Tuition Cost

The tuition course for different categories of students are as follows:

  • General – 46,000
  • Active Defence/paramilitary/police – Rs 43,000
  • Foreign students – $2,400 USD
  • SAARC – Rs. 92,300 or $1,300 USD

Program Requirements

  • Prospective candidates into the distance B.Com program must possess 10+2 qualification with at least 45% pass in Business and Social Studies
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years before the time of application
  • Foreign students must have their student visa handy before obtaining the application
  • An international passport showing the visa page is a mandatory requirement for foreign students.

How To Apply For Admission

Online Mode

If you prefer applying online, below is a step-by-step guide on how to do that;

  • Visit the school admission portal via
  • Download the program’s prospectus to understand all the requirements of the program
  • Scan all the required documents like your 10+2 certificate, passport photographs and the rest
  • Create a new user account and save your login details
  • Log in to the application form and complete the form with your details
  • Upload the scanned documents and pay the required application fee
  • Review your application and submit the form for processing

Offline Mode

  • Visit the school campus to purchase the distance B.Com application
  • Pay the application fee via your debit or credit card
  • General/Defence category students are to pay a registration fee of Rs. 760, while foreign students are to pay $100.
  • Attach your passport photographs and every other supporting document.
  • Candidates who are admitted would be sent their admission letter and their student ID.

NB 1: SAARC means South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

NB 2: Foreign students having issues with fee payment can contact the relevant department that would be of assistance via [email protected].

How To Check Your Admission Status

The following is a step to check your admission status after the application:

  • Visit this page to get started –
  • Enter your reference number and click on proceed
  • You should know whether you have been offered admission or not
  • If you have any complain relating to admission, send a mail to the school’s admission office via [email protected]

Duration Of the Program

  • The distance B.Com program is 3 years
  • The course has a maximum duration of 6 years.

Accreditation Status


Question 1: Can I apply for admission with my awaiting results?

Answer: Of course, the school accepts awaiting results, however, ensure your original certificate is ready before the allowable period elapses

Question 2: How do I interact with lecturers and fellow students?

Answer: One of the main features of the program is chat sessions. The program allows you to interact with fellow students and lecturers using tools like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and other social media tools.

Question 3: Where can I purchase the application form?

Answer: The application form is available at the school campus in Pune. If you prefer the online route, you can complete the form online after paying the required application fee.

Question 4: Are foreign students allowed to apply?

Answer: Yes. Foreign students are encouraged to apply for admission after the payment of the equivalent of  $100 in Indian rupees.

Question 5: Should I submit my original documents?

Answer: No. You only need to submit photocopies of your documents. The school would not be held liable for the loss of your original certificate.

Question 6: Apart from the B.Com program, what other distance learning courses does the school offer?

Answer: SCDL offers various academic programs, certificate programs, diploma programs in a wide range of areas like Banking and Finance, Business Management, Retail Management, Digital Marketing, International Business, Customer Relationship Management, as well as Business Corporate Law, among others.

Question 7: Is the distance program certificate recognized by employers?

Answer: The certificate issued at the end of the program carries the same weight and honour as those issued to full-time students.

Question 8: Does the school accept a bank draft as a form of payment?

Answer: Presently, the school doesn’t accept bank draft for payment of tuition or registration fee. However, you are allowed to use your credit/debit card.

Question 9: Between the distance B.Com program and the full-time program, which is more preferable?

Answer: The choice of both programs depends on you. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you have the financial resources and your parent’s support, you can enrol for a full-time program. Also, if you are already working and need a Bachelor’s degree for promotion purposes, it’s a no-brainer for you to pursue it.

Question 10: How long should I wait to hear from the school after the application?

Answer: Generally, you should hear from the school between 3 to 4 weeks from the date the application form closed.

Contact Information

  • Symbiosis Bhavan
  • 1065 B, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony,
  • Pune – 411016, Maharashtra, India.
  • Telephone: +91-20-66211000
  • Fax: +91-20-66211040/66211041


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