Scott J. Cooper water council reviews mission blue

Mission blue was an incredible documentary about oceans and marine life. The reason Scott J. cooper is reviewing this documentary is its close link with the water crises in various underdeveloped regions of the world.

The most affected areas are Zimbabwe, Africa, and the middle east, where people are grappling with the adversities of climate change with every passing day. The everyday life in Zimbabwe has been crippled because of climate change, poor water and waste management. These are some issues which are also highlighted in the documentary named mission blue, which not only discusses the ocean life and systems, but also sheds some light on the grave indirect causes of ocean pollution.

The Scott J. Cooper is a trusted institution which is working day in and day out for helping mankind in the disastrous and threatening fight with climate change.

In this article, we will have a review of the famous documentary “mission blue”. The motivation for writing this review is the impact of this documentary on the various sections of an international and global society. People have pledged to contribute financially for saving the oceans from climate change which is quite ominous.

The history and background

If we look at the history of this documentary then we would come to know that, the sole reason that now we can analyze the ocean and marine life is the interest of the marine botanist and biologist. Miss Earle, who did her Ph.D. in marine botany. She exclaimed in an interview after doing this documentary that “being home is being underwater”.

When she was a kid in 1940s learning about marine and ocean life was not of much importance, as humans were not impacting the ocean life as they were doing in the 70s.

Somehow, miss Earle succeeded for exploring the ocean life and eventually, the world got benefited in the form of this documentary.

Facts about the documentary

A lot of nonprofit organizations contributed to the making and sponsoring of this documentary, along with them, miss Earle was having constant support from national geographic channel.

The explorers spent more than 7000 hours under the sea, which is nearly impossible for normal scuba divers. The Oscar-winning director now launched a sequence for the documentary so that all and sundry must take interest in this research.

There are still, some issues, which viewers constantly complain about and these are petty as far as I have analyzed them. Most people say that the documentary is not portrayed chronologically. Which does not really affect the impact of the ocean documentary.

As far as the name of the documentary is concerned then it was derived by the name of the organization, which is a non-profit institution, which was founded by Mis Earle in 2009. The success of this organization can be gauged by the number of participating organizations for supporting Earle’s cause. Over 200 other organizations from all over the world are participating with the “mission blue” organization.

This organization has got various platform for awarding people about some critical points which are to be catered with great passion. The film was also part of the awareness campaign.

They have identified several hotspots, that are the regions where the ocean and ocean life is at great risk, and the whole mankind has to make sure that they would try to minimize the risk at those spots otherwise, the entire world would be at the brink of destruction through climate imbalances. The film was so incredible that it won the Emmy prize in 2015.

Dr. Earle has clarified these regions in her TED talks several times, and now those who are interested in helping mankind for the real causes they know them quite well.

Scott J. Cooper is also working through various incentives and initiatives for helping mankind in the fight of normal and suitable climate, we men cannot alleviate the industrial mess without discussing and telling people about the conclusion, just like the mission blue, Scott J cooper is also working for the same cause.

Through this review it can be concluded that Dr. Earle is a supermom. She has proved herself to be a wise researcher, who knew the Modern and contemporary ways for promoting her passion and cause.

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