How A System Mechanic Coupon Saved My PC

I usually spend most of my time in front of my PC, because I absolutely love it – from the moment I open the lid to the time I close it. Its crystal clear monitor combined with fast processor make its use a real delight. But there was a time when it started slowing down. It took longer time to boot, open documents and shutdown. The most frustrating experience is perhaps having to watch the loading circle continuously rotate. This got me worried initially because I like to get work done on time; so having to wait for several minutes to open or save a file got on my nerves.

As time goes on, even the best PCs clutter with thousands of useless files and eventually can show signs of aging and become slower. But there are measures to take to prevent that from happening and make your computer running fast for a longer time, these include:

  1. Lower the number of programs and extensions

Usually, the main culprits of computers slowing down are browser extensions and desktop applications. The more work the OS has to handle, the more resources the system will use. Make sure you install only programs you really need. If there is a web version available, opt for that instead, or make use of a USB drive to run a version that’s portable.

Regularly clean up those extensions and programs you really need. If there’s any redundant application, uninstall it to free up your OS. An added advantage to this will be you’ll have more space in your local disk. When your storage gets full, it can often result in system sluggishness.

  1. Turnoff Auto-Start

There are some programs that are set-up to start as soon you power on the computer. And although they load faster into memory with this, it also extends the time needed for your PC to boot up. It is best to keep the list of programs on auto-start to a minimum to improve the general performance of your computer.

  1. Maintain Security

Unwanted malware applications are another common cause of PCs slowing down. These viruses can sneak into the PC as a result of your browser extensions going through popup ads. Ensure you install a windows defender that is simple, regularly installs its latest updates, and has low processing usage. After you’ve installed it, do a full or quick scan of the entire PC.

  1. Regularly Update Applications

It may seem difficult updating your firmware and software, but it is vital in having a healthy computer for various reasons. It fixes buts, optimizes code, installs new features, and increases compatibility with other software you have on your PC. Having updated software is vital in maintaining speed and preventing crashes, this is why most of them now come with auto-update options.

What Does System Mechanic Do?

There are a lot of utilities out there that can help clean up your system applications but the one I used and has been really helpful is system mechanic by lolo. It got rid of all temporary files that hid in my local drive, repaired registry and file issues, and it ensured that my RAM isn’t abused by other installed programs. This software also helped to improve the speed of my internet, making if faster for me to download files.

How much does this software cost?

It is priced at $49.95, and it is totally worth it every penny. To encourage users, Iolo gives out discount coupons. Search online for iolo coupons and get up to 50% off system mechanic and the other software made by the same company.

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