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We use to meet many people in our professional life, only few are passionate about their career but mostly people are doing job and work only to make money. Sometimes, we used to hear the success stories of people and how they complete the whole journey. We all know that getting success is not an easy job but you have to try hard and put all the effort to get it.

If we see around, the youngsters are now more contributing in economies and very serious about their careers and future plans. Many young people choose different careers and fields in which they are passionate and comfortable more. Well, possibly they earn less but they all are moving towards their target and one day they will surely get it.

Today, we are going to share the story of another young talent who build his career at the very young age. Here we are going to introduce a very young and talented photographer, who made his debut some years ago but today, he is one of the best photographers in Italy. So, let’s just have a look on the life story of the photographer and see how he gets success?


Leonardo Glauso

Birth year:


Birth place:

Florence, Italy


Graduate in graphic design




Travelling, photography

Early life:

Leonardo Glauso, born in Florence in 1989 is a professional photographer. He got his graduation degree from Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence in the field of graphic design. Scuola Internazionale di Fotografia is the institution in Florence where he takes the photography classes. He specialized in fashion photography and artistic nude, a very challenging niche for the young person. You can get the idea of his passion and love of photography and expertise by the selection of the types of photography. His every collaboration and assignment shows his creativeness and mind-blowing skills of shooting. You must check his work on his official websites and on social media accounts.

Professional life:

In Milan, Leonardo did some collaboration with different fashion houses and magazines from the year 2014 to 2017. He is founder of international fashion publication, Resuer Magazine and work as an editor, fashion photographer.

He used to travel to different countries especially in the capitals of European countries where he used to shoot and also make casting for upcoming project. You can see the European touch in his pictures that express his love for Europe.

Present status:

Right now, he is living in Florence and working on his upcoming projects. If you need his appointment, you can visit his official website www.leonardoglauso.com and take the further information of available slots and bookings. Moreover, you can check his recent collaboration and work on his instagram account instagram.com/leonardoglauso and his twitter account is twitter.com/leonardoglauso. If you are interested in fashion photography and want to make a portfolio, it’s a best selection to start a career. His picture speaks itself and for professional photography, you will never find any other option.

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