Benefits Offered by Freestanding Garages

When individuals around the country first started buying cars, they looked for ways to store and protect them. In the past, this included carriage houses that were adapted for the new “horseless carriage.” The very first buildings designed specifically for car storage were very similar to these early carriage houses and were still detached from the home.

Even though most garages used today are attached to the house, there are many benefits offered by the construction of a detached garage. Keep reading to learn about the biggest benefits of detached garage buildings.

Why Did the Detached Garage Disappear?

Integrating the garage structure as part of the home itself started to grow in popularity during the 1940s. This was attributed to a growth in prosperity, which led to the ownership of not one, but two vehicles by many families that were larger than before. During the 1950s, many families found they could own two vehicles, and using the attached garage became the primary point of entry for the home.

In the 1960s, up to 60 percent of all new homes constructed had garages attached. By the 2000s, 80 percent of all homes had these attached garages.

Why Separation is a Good Thing

Today, homeowners are starting to rediscover the benefits of having a separate garage. This is true for those building new homes or who are ready to renovate or rebuild an older garage. One of the factors that are working to fuel this trend is the conversion of an attached garage into a living space, and then the building of a separate garage for tool and vehicle storage. There is no end to the benefits offered to homeowners who opt to build a detached garage.

A Better Look and More Design Options

Detached garages may reduce or eliminate the effect of a home’s facade that is mostly “garage dominated.” This is also called garage-forward and is a problem that has plagued suburban architecture in modern times. Also, for those who have a smaller house, the addition of an attached garage may wind up overwhelming the space. In most cases, a detached garage is more aesthetically pleasing.

It’s possible to design detached garages to be the same angle as the house or set away from the house, hidden in the backyard, or to look like a small cottage or house on its own. This isn’t possible with an attached garage.

Also, with detached garages, it is much easier to add living spaces over them. This is especially true if the detached garage is a part of ongoing or new construction. This type of project means the garage isn’t limited by the design and look of the main house.

As anyone can see, there are several benefits offered by adding a detached garage to a homeowner’s property. If a homeowner is looking for a way to enhance their home and property, a detached garage may be the perfect addition. Browse the options to choose a garage that meets the needs of you and your family.

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