All You Need to Know about Billing Software

Installing billing software often helps improve the management of a business. If the process saves time and contributes to improving the invoicing process, it greatly contributes to improving the management of the company. It is for this reason that an entrepreneur has an interest in equipping himself with quality invoicing software as soon as possible.


The main objective of a management tool such as billing software for retail shops is to help the company manage its sales invoices and administrative tasks. This tool allows you to edit invoices, send them to customers, archive them, and even integrate them into your accounting system.

Although billing software is not mandatory for a business, it is still essential when the number of invoices becomes high. There are also billing software dedicated to each type of organization, from micro-enterprises to large groups.


For a business, the main function of billing software is the editing and transmission of its invoices. In addition, all the useful information concerning its customers and partners is gathered in a single file. However, most of the billing software now offers additional functionality. The most complete tools today offer to fully manage the billing process. These software include:

  • Creation and management of quotes
  • Editing of purchase and delivery orders
  • The transformation of these quotes into an invoice in good and proper form
  • Invoice tracking and automatic integration into a management system
  • Setting up dashboards


The benefits linked to the use of invoicing software are multiple and will contribute in particular to the reduction of the WCR and thus to the improvement of the cash flow. Billing Software have identified five main ones:

Centralize all of the company’s customer files within a single billing system. The data is then easily accessible and this facilitates the process

Save time by automating the entire billing process and benefit from the almost instantaneous dematerialization

Respect all the legal provisions governing the invoicing process (numbering, legal notices, archiving, etc.)

Reduce the risk of error linked in particular to the applicable VAT rates, calculations or omissions.

Ensure better management and allow better monitoring of the customer account in particular (debt collection, automatic reminders, late payments, etc.)

Give a vision to the company through the implementation of simplified dashboards. The selected indicators (Turnover, sales volume, average payment terms, etc.) will allow monitoring of the company’s development.


Billing Software might think that when launching an activity, it is not necessary to equip yourself with management software. Whether it is because of a small number of clients, a desire to minimize expenses, or for another reason, the manager could consider doing without it.

However, it is important to equip it as soon as possible, as soon as the economic model is put in place. Indeed, invoicing software will improve the management of the business and reduce the Working Capital Requirement (WCR). In addition, it will allow the manager to devote more time to business development activities. Thus, the billing software contributes to the sustainability of the business.

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