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Life is too short to love people but very long to hate someone. It is our inner feelings that make our life happy and sad as we all know, life is not a bed of roses then why we expect extra from our lives? We will get back soon what we give to it; it’s a simple natural rule. There is no any hard and fast rule of living a simple and peaceful life but to make it good, some efforts are required. For example, don’t listen to other or take their criticism in a positive way, utilize every negative thing or thought of people to polish yourself.

The implementation of all the piece of advises does not work all the time especially, when you lose all the hopes from life. At that time you need a shoulder to hear your issues and give you some support; here we are talking about the emotional support. Sometimes words are enough to heal the wounds so, if you find anyone, you need your words, deliver some beautiful words that can assist him and bring him back towards life.

Many people are blessed with the speaking power (means their words effects on the heart) and if you are one of them then you must take the responsibility to provide the necessary support and motivation to the people who are losing all the hopes and trying to attempt some serious harm.

Here, we are going to introduce Mr. AddisonZegan, he is belongs to LA California and volunteer at the suicide hotlines of the town. He delivers motivational speeches o different places and also runs his YouTube channel where people used to come and watch his videos about different topics. You can contact him through his Instagram account @AddisonZegan and official He is also an author of the book named, 3000 Inspirational Quotes: for hard times in life Paperback who was publish on 15th January 2020.

About the book:

Addison is doing very noble act and he works as crisis counselor at the local the suicide hotlines. The aim behind is to provide the assistance to the people who are serious enough to attempt suicide because of the hardships of their lives. People used to talk to him, share their personal issues and get the assistance from him, it sounds easy but it’s really hard to convince someone who gets ready to give his life.

Later he start to post motivational quotes on the social media account and gather some all, give a book binding of 3000 lifesaving quotes for the general people.

Some of the quotes from the collection:

  • #4. In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take!
  • #50. Show me your friends and ill show you your future.
  • #84. Sometimes the hardest choices are the right choices
  • #270. A lie told often enough becomes truth.
  • #353. I wasn’t there to compete. I was there to win. 
  • #1336. The nail that sticks out is hammered down.
  • #2735. Be smart, but never show it. 

You must read the quote book, forget everything and give a new chance to your life.

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