Tips for Maintaining an Aquarium

Some people who live near the coast have started aquaculture (fishery) businesses but such projects are complicated given the time and energy needed for set-up and the expertise required to breed and maintain marine animals. Even more involved are the large public aquariums such as the famous ones at Monterey Bay and the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  We love fish and maintaining most species of fish in homemade aquariums is within the reach of most families.

Today, we are going to outline some tips for maintaining an aquarium. Naturally this information is for in-home aquariums not for large commercial or research facilities. If you want to enjoy a visit to a great aquarium, we recommend the blog post by Carl Kruse: Carl Kruse Article on Monterey Bay Aquarium where he goes into detail about the Monterey Bay Aquarium and why it’s such a wonderful facility.  Anyway, here we go.

Tips for Maintaining an Aquarium:

1.      Size of the aquarium:

First of all, you must know the name and size of the fish that you are planning to add in the aquarium.  Of particular importance is how large the fish can grow. The size of the aquarium should be enough in which the fish can swim and move around easily, especially when they are fully grown. Add some artificial coral reef, stone and sand; prepare the marine atmosphere for the guests.

2.      Clean water:

You must add an automatic water filtration system to the aquarium so the water is cleaned regularly. Otherwise, water can become polluted quickly, which is toxic for the fish and needless to say not so pleasant for the owner. Moreover, the waste of fish also pollutes the water, make sure you are installing a good filter.

3.      Don’t overfeed:

Fish don’t require food all the time but you have to manage the eating time and only give food on time. The over dosing of food might be not good for the fish; they may die because of over eating or get ill. So, don’t take any risk and inform yourself of the feeding habits of your aquatic friends to ensure a healthy and happy aquarium.

4.      Arrange light:

The arrangement of light is essential especially if you would like to see your fish or if you have marine plants.  Proper marine lights are available in all shapes and wattages and often come integrated into the hoods of tanks.

5.      Maintain pH level:

It is essential to maintain the pH level of the aquarium and most of the times it should be neutral.  Though note there are some fish that prefer one side of the Ph scale or other.  For instance, most South American fish tend to prefer acidic conditions, while African fish tend to like slightly more alkaline water. The ph. level and temperature play important roles because of the sensitivity of fish to these variables.  What might not affect other creatures could easily kill fish, for example, too cold water for tropical fish or too high or too low ph levels.

Finally, it goes without saying that overall maintenance of the aquarium will depend on the size of it. Larger aquariums require more expertise and skill than smaller ones for their care.  Owners of aquariums should educate themselves on basic care technique and acquire the necessary skills to enable responsible care of one of nature’s creations, our beautiful fish.

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