The Trend Of The Decade: Minimalistic Jewelry

For a cleaner and effortless feel, many people are trying to trim their looks as minimal is a trend of the decade. But what is the reason that people accepting minimalism into jewelry? And how this trend starts?


Over the years, America had increasingly grown materialistic. According to some studies, an average American woman kept 36 clothing items in the 1930s. Now, the number increase to 136 clothing items. Though more than 80% of clothes are barely worn or either new. So, according to this, we can estimate that since trends have been changing so quickly, Americans become obsessed with style.


From the American population, more than 25% make up by millennial, and this percentage makes them the most significant working community. As they grew up paid record-high student debt, and during a recession, they are also unique. However, in their leisure, the majority of millennial willing to spend a little extra. In fact, on quality and experience, almost 78% of millennial would relatively spend, as on ethical products, they favor spending more. In its result, offering cruelty-free products and ethically sourced are the things on which brands have place growing focus.


Often where people look at cutting back jewelry is the first area. People are buying jewelry often impulsively. Because regardless of skin color, age, or whatever everyone looks good in it, so that’s why it becomes such a trend. Restraint must be shown the only rule to minimalist jewelry.

Now, for their minimalistic jewelry, people prefer sterling silver to buy as it is durable yet affordable. The benefit of it is we don’t think about the way to style our jewelry, so that’s why it’s perfect. Minimalist jewelry doesn’t mean that jewelry pieces have to be boring and dainty. It means that with everyday outfit jewelry pieces must be fit.


1) Figure out if the jewelry is sentimental for you

Minimalist jewelry means to remove the jewelry that you bought thoughtlessly at the mall and not to throughout your mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring. By this every day, you can style your sentimental jewelry.

2) Every day which one can you wear?

Check the material of your jewelry. Are they made to last and with sterling silver? It doesn’t mean to throw them out if they are not prepared to last or made of sterling silver. It just means that with the minimalistic trend, you may not be able to style them.

You should also prefer the things that you can wear with your more than one or two outfits. By doing so, the color match with most of your wardrobe, and you don’t need to restyle or throw them on.


You must need to think that together, which jewelry works well as compared to struggling with which jewelry is to purchase next. That way, if you want a more dramatic finish, you can wear all the jewelry, and if you want a simple look, you can wear just a necklace, for even more styling options consider necklace layering.

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