MAJED VEYSEL: Renowned Photographer

Photography is an art and only those people can excel in it, who keep the inner eye of capturing the true essence of the location. Majed Veysel is a renowned photographer, who has excelled in the field of photography through his skill and expertise.  His fan following is from around the world, which indicates his hold and skill in the field of photography.

M Majed Veysel studied in the American school, in Aleppo, Syria. After that, he did his graduation from Bahcesehir University from Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, he is enrolled in the master’s program from Italy.

Appreciation of his work:

Majed Veysel has been appreciated for his work as an Intern Architect, S.B. ARCH associate in 2016, in Rome, Italy. Nowadays he is working in the Sky land Istanbul Highest Skyscraper in Turkey and his work is being highly applauded and recognized.

The uniqueness of the work:

Majed Veysel is an amazing photographer who takes unique photographs of the building, around the world, in the black and white color. He believes that these two colors deeply explain the true beauty of the buildings and allow the true essence of the buildings to become prominent and fascinating. This true understanding of the art aids him in creating phenomenal work in the field of photographing.

Photo Credits To Majed Veysel On Instagram @mm.w

Deep understanding of the beautiful architecture:

His background in architectural studies makes him eligible to figure out the beautiful architectural designs and makes him capable of capturing them uniquely. This deep understanding of the architecture is the reason for the popularity of his creative work and wide acceptance of his skills by the people of different countries.

Different locations of the world:

Majed Veysel has been to various parts of the world, his photography is about the architectural designs and building of the various locations of the world. He has taken photographs from Rome, Torino, Lavazza, Turkey, France, and Italy. His angles and frames depict his grip in the art of taking the picture of the location and beautifully explain the designs and soul of the part being captured.

He holds the concept that before the construction of any building, its plot has been made in the mind of the person. This is the idea he follows before taking the photograph and creates a story in his mind about the building before taking the photograph. This causes his photography to connect directly with the people’s soul and make him unique and famous around the globe.

Art is global:

Majed Veysel believes that art has no boundary.  Art is global and true art inspires people around the world. According to him, eastern art is also being represented in the western part of the world. Art connects the people and attracts appreciation from people of all countries. This universal reach of art is the reason for the massive following of his Instagram account from different parts of the world. His account is the collection of the beautiful architectures of the world and you can connect him on the following link, or check out Majed Veysel Website

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