Vaping Vs. Smoking: The Safety Debate Made Clear

Vaping has become extremely popular in the past years. Nowadays, more and more smokers are switching to smoking. You must also have heard the buzz about vaping, but if you are still unclear if it is safer than smoking, read on to know all the differences and similarities between smoking and vaping.

How is vaping different from smoking?

Smoking is the act of inhaling and then exhaling the smoke generated by burning some substance in a cigarette, smoke, or cigar. The most common form of smoking is tobacco filled cigarette smoking. On the other hand, an electronic cigarette is a device in which a flavored liquid is converted into vapors that are inhaled through a pipe and exhaled in the air. Just as tobacco contains nicotine, the e-liquid is mixed with a controlled amount of nicotine. Beginners can also purchase liquids from a vape store with zero concentration of nicotine.

What’s common between both?

Other than the luscious smoke, one more thing similar in both is the toxic chemicals. Both the cigarette tobacco and the vaping liquid contain toxic chemicals that have adverse effects not just on the smoker’s health, but on that of all the people inhaling that smoke or vapor.

Which one is more harmful?

Smoking affects nearly all the organs of your body, like the skin, heart, and stomach. Also, it alters the functioning of all the organ systems, including the digestive, reproductive, and central nervous system. But the organs that get directly affected by the smoke and bear the most amount of damage are the lungs.

Tobacco smoke passes through the windpipe and reaches the bronchial tube. These tubes, being sensitive to intoxicants, get irritated by this smoke and get swelled up along with producing mucus. It results in several lung infections, and in severe cases, it even causes asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Tobacco smoking is also the leading cause of lung cancer.

On the other hand, vaping is at least 90% safer than smoking as E-cigarettes expose you to relatively much lesser toxic chemicals, and thus, a vaper has less risk of lung cancer than a smoker. However, vaping is still not the safest thing to do on this planet. Therefore, it is always advised to use only the best quality vaping liquids to minimize the health risks associated with vaping.

Other reasons for the popularity of vaping.

If you are still not convinced to kick smoking and try vaping, then you might want to go through the following reasons for hiking popularity of vaping:

  • Electronic cigarettes are no longer just a smoking device, but they are being used as a fashion accessory. Intricate and creative vaping devices can be coordinated with the outfit to amp up your fashion statement and can stand out as a statement piece.
  • Vaping juices are available in a great variety of interesting and delicious flavors, and that is the primary reason for their rising popularity. You can put your hands on different tongue savoring flavors like mango, coffee, bubblegum, cola, peach, mint, lemonade, etc. and can even get the nicotine dosage just perfect for your satisfaction.
  • One of the most annoying things about cigarette smoking is the pungent smell of tobacco smoke that sits on the clothes of the smoker and remains for at least a few minutes. Vapors, on the other hand, are entirely odorless.
  • Another issue related to regular cigarettes is fire. A significant part of fire accidents is caused by throwing away burning butts near vulnerable objects. Also, a vaper doesn’t have to carry a match or a lighter in his pocket to burn materials and generate smoke.
  • If you are a regular smoker, you are probably aware of the massive amount of money that you spend on cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes thus cost much cheaper as you just have to purchase one vaping kit and a few vaping juices and enjoy them for a very long time.
  • An environmentally conscious person will always feel guilty about smoking because the smoke releases a massive number of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Not just air pollution, but cigarette smoking also contributes to soil and water pollution. However, the flavored vapor released during vaping is absolutely harmless for the atmosphere.

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