Things to Consider While Buying Tesla Accessories

It was the time when vehicles used to show off the richness and luxury of the person, and only a few people of the town were the owner of the cars so, the rest of the city was looking at them with pride and Malign eyes. But today, the table turns, and vehicles are no more luxuries but a necessity that everyone owns. Although some automobile companies are producing luxury and customized cars for their clients, they are just a few.

Tesla is the name of High Tech Luxury car brand that gained success and popularity in the past recent years. The company breaks all the rules and bounders of conventional stereotypes of automotive industry therefore the Owner of the company Elon Musk worshiped as living Ironman of Tesla. If you are an owner of a Tesla car, no matter what model you have, you will surely enjoy deadly combination of the comfort and class.

Today, we are going to discuss Tesla and its accessories, let’s have a look at the things to consider while buying Tesla accessories.

1.     Tesla accessories:

Although, Tesla delivered a well-equipped and advance car but it may need some of the above-mentioned accessories because the well-recognized cars of Tesla like Model 3, Model X and Model S has their specific features and attraction that make them more beneficial among other cars but they can be upgrade too.

To decorate and adding more comfort in the car, Tesla offers a number of accessories that you can install in your car. However, the choices of Tesla original accessories can be limited.

There are also a wide range of after-market accessories for the interior and exterior, in interior, you may need the following products:

  • floor mats
  • frunk/trunk lifts
  • seat covers/protectors
  • consoles wrap
  • sunshades
  • Frunk Grocery Hooks (missing on Model 3 post 2020)
  • lightning upgrades
  • pedal covers
  • pet covers
  • trunk organizers
  • frunk coolers
  • window control covers
  • door control covers

The list of the exterior accessories also doesn’t end short:

  • car covers
  • eco hitch
  • puddle lights
  • rim protectors
  • lug nuts and covers
  • valve stem caps
  • vinyl T accents
  • license plate mounts
  • spoilers
  • camera covers
  • appliqués
  • chrome delete kits
  • charging adapters/accessories

These all accessories are manufacture by Tesla Company so; there is no doubt of low quality and material therefore, you can easily upgrade your car with these accessories.

The price:

The price of the Premium Aftermarket Tesla Accessories may be different from store to store, however, as there are plenty of choices of vendors nowadays, it’s advised to visit the store close to your country, so you get quick delivery without paying for import tax.

It’s observed that, the price tag of a after-market accessory is around 5-% – 60% of the Tesla original version, with the same level of quality.

The availability:

Tesla is not a conventional vehicle brand, and this is the reason the related accessories might not be found easily in the car market. So, for your assistance, we recommended you to go to the official website of the company and check the availability. It’s common that accessories sold on the official Tesla shop are often out of stock, in this case, you can look for alternatives from local after-market accessories vendors.

The insurance / warranty:

When you purchase after-market accessories, you should ask for the insurance / warranty of the purchased or selected accessory, a standard manufacturer’s warranty is advised as minimum.

The installation:

Lots of after-market accessories vendors only refund your returned product when they are in original condition which they can resell again, so it’s strongly advised to read the installation manual provided before you put your hands on.

The good news is that, most of the vendors have clear installation manuals even videos available, and for most of the case, the installation of Tesla accessories is fairly simple.

For product such as power lift tail gate / frunk, which requires a lot of cabling, we advise you let a local profession do it for you.

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