Sedan VS SUV

While looking for a Car, choosing between Sedan and SUV is seemingly a matter of choice, but digging into the pros and cons of each, and checking out various models, the fundamental decision to choose between an SUV and a sedan becomes more difficult than it seems. You will find both of them on roads of UAE but in terms of spaciousness, work efficiency design versatility, both highly differ from each other.

Without any further delay, let’s compare and see which is more suitable for you.

SUV: SUV or the sports Utility Vehicle has better performance and easier handling on rough roads as it has inbuilt option of AWD. Aiming for longer trips on the highway, SUVs design offers extraordinary experience to keep up with your travel plans.

Space: Whether travelling with family or loading up on cargo, an SUV offers substantially more room for storage and space to stretch out and relax.

Capability: The prerequisite of an efficient AWD system in SUVs makes it Superior to sedans. Although a few sedans are available with an all-wheel drive, if the weather to be experienced is less like to be perfect, choosing an SUV makes sense.

Safety: the SUVs are safer than the sedans because their structure and build. Also they are taller and bigger which adds in the safety of vehicle.

Sedans: Sedans have been famous among American drivers for decades and here are some of the reasons attributing to their popularity

Fuel Economy: Most Sedans have and entry level four cylinder or an already installed V6. Either of them allows you to make better fuel Economy than you would in an SUV.

Drivability: Sedans aren’t as spacious as SUVs. It might seem a drawback but remember that smaller vehicles are easier to park, drift and maneuver.

Budget: Generally, SUVs are much more expensive as compared to sedans, so while choosing between both, you can either put budget towards high trim level with the latest and versatile features or save money.

SUVs offering spacious interiors and cargo facility, higher driving position and better visibility, improved off- highway performance and better inclement weather, the lines have blurred and SUVs have become more car-like.

On the other hand, sedans have traction control system and all drive control, sophisticated enough to give them confidence in marginal weather.

Over the last few years, due to sustained low prices of fuel, sales of sedan have slumped over while the sales of SUVs have taken off. Typically, sedans offering greater mileage than SUVs have flexible cost of ownership while that of an SUV is higher and a minor spike in gas prices can cause dramatic Increase in ownership cost If you want something that is more compact and reliable in performance, go for a luxury sedan. However, if you’re looking for more spacious interiors, good infotainment system, comfort and luxury then SUV should be your choice.

Conclusively, though SUVs are much more versatile and sophisticated in the design and credibility, Sedans are much more cost effective, spacious and efficient for long term performance. . If you are buying a new car in Dubai and want to sell your old car then you can visit companies like cashyourcaruae and carsellzone .

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