Eric J Dalius: How can entrepreneurs become savvy digital marketer?

Gone are the days when you could start a local business and turn it profitable with sheer competence, financial skills, and devotion.  Today, you need to be agile also. There is a need to understand digital marketing to stay in the game, regardless of the nature of business you run. Only a few small businesses are lucky to draw on their traditional marketing endeavors. Otherwise, for the rest of the companies, it has become a must to create a robust digital footprint and practice marketing skills. You need to find out where your customers flock for information.

Trying to attract a young audience through TV ads may not be so favorable for you today, as certain surveys indicate that people in the age group 14 to 34 spend most of their time online on mobile and desktop. So, what does this show? It hints that there is a clear need to adapt to the new age. You cannot anymore rely on newspapers, television, and radio ads to do the job for you. The Internet has taken over from them in terms of accessibility.

In this era, people like to grab the best deals. So, they search a lot before buying anything. If you don’t show up there, they will choose someone else. If you don’t want to face this challenge, then harness the power of digital marketer in you. It can prove beneficial in many ways, for instance:

  • Higher ROI
  • Wider reach to an audience
  • More customer engagement
  • Better conversion rates

To achieve all this and more, you need to take care of certain things from your end. Here is a quick look into them. Let’s explore.

Things to do for making a digital presence by Eric J Dalius

Launch website

Developing a website is not easy and involves individual costs. As an entrepreneur, you cannot avoid this anymore. If budget is an issue, you can make it yourself until you make money and get it professionally done. Anyway, until then, what you build will be the pivot of your online marketing campaigns. For starters, you can lean on WordPress (a website platform). You would need to book a domain name and hosting services; the domain name can be your company’s name. Bluehost can facilitate these two parts. It is quite affordable also.

If you use Bluehost, you can access WordPress for free to design your website. The dashboard will have all the tools to create a custom business site. However, if you intend to add extra features, you can pay an additional amount to take advantage. When you design your site, be careful with the selection of the theme. It determines the appearance of your website. Since designing may not be your core expertise, you can opt for a preset theme to get started. Once you have taken care of this, you can check Bluehost to install WordPress. There will be specific steps requiring details and everything. You need to follow them one by one to make your site live. It will be your first step towards the digital world.

Build brand

According to EJ Dalius, you can utilize the power of online marketing to create brand awareness among people. It is an essential part of both new and existing businesses. Today, Apple, Coca Cola, and other such companies enjoy tremendous brand recognition. You may not be like them, but you can create a possibility of doing better by implementing the needful. You can depend on social media to spread your company name. Some platforms that can be useful for this purpose include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

As per the global web index, people spend almost 30% of their time on social channels when they are online. For an entrepreneur, it can be an opportunity to make social media marketing an integral part of overall online marketing efforts.

If you don’t have a social media presence, you need to gear up for it. It can help you create your brand quickly. Almost 80% of the US population uses social accounts. Hence, you cannot afford to ignore the opportunity here.

The seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders suggest that websites and social channels can be difficult to merge with your marketing strategies. However, if you prove effective here, you can reap multiple benefits for sure. You would be able to use the two inexpensive sources to reach out to your customers. The more you interact with them, the more your brand will get attention. And this only means growth. So, if you have a desire to survive, you need to work on this aspect.

Send mailers

Apart from those two, you also need to keep doing a few more things from your end. One of them includes sending emails. Your focus has to be on getting a better open rate, which can culminate in higher traffic on the website. If your email has a strong call to action, customers can feel encouraged to follow and interact with you across social channels. If you are aware, studies demonstrate that 82% of people trust businesses that have an active social media presence. And trust is what you want from your audience. Hence, it can be your best chance to win them over.

These are only some of the basic things that you need to take care of from your end in the initial stage. If you succeed, you can witness an increase in user base, customer retention, more sales, and so on. Besides, all these can be available for a fraction of the cost that is not possible with traditional marketing mediums. As an entrepreneur, you have to constantly deal with a set of problems, of which cash flow tends to be the most common thing. Hence, you can imagine what it means to be digital-savvy in the entrepreneurial journey. It can only take you closer to your dreams. Survival and success can be easy to achieve.

Besides, if you want to grow, you cannot avoid this aspect. Once your company starts evolving, you would need to hire people to help you in different fields, marketing being one of them. When you are thorough with this skill, you know what you need to look for in the person you hire for this responsibility.

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