What is the Creative Process of Entrepreneurship?

All of us have creative potential; however, learning what makes the difference is learning the difference between good and beneficial creativity and just creativity. We have long known that creativity can be divided into different steps, most of which can be encouraged and developed.  These steps of the creative process in entrepreneurship are preparation, incubation, illumination, implementation and elaboration. To get the notification for of new content on this channel, make sure to subscribe now. Let’s how these steps work

  1. Preparation

This is the first step, which is also known as the work phase. It is the idea of indulging yourself in the field.  If you are a writer, you are reading masterpieces of other writers in your specific domain. If you are an artist, you are exhibiting the work of another artist in the area where you are looking to create something and similarly, if you are a singer, you absorb a lot of music that inspires you to create this new song.

  1. Incubation

This is the second step of the creative process and is also a mystic and strange step. The reason behind this is you often do not know that you are adopting an idea, or if you know that you are working on an idea, you do not know when it will come out.  During this stage, your conscious and subconscious mind works on the idea, creates new connections, and search for other ideas.

  1. Illumination

The next phase is considered as one of the signs of creativity. In this step, you will get an insight into the idea. While it may be the smallest part of the five steps, it can be one of the most important parts. The most annoying thing for me is that you will get illumination at the most inappropriate time.

  1. Implementation

This step is the step where your idea is turned into reality, i.e. when this written piece comes out when your song is launched when the piece reveals its painting, etc. Creative people know that there might be some steps or even ideas that don’t work, but they can’t know in advance what will work and what won’t work. An idea or solution is implemented in the creative process model when the individual begins the process of converting their ideas into an end product.

  1. Elaboration

Elaboration is the last phase of this creative process in entrepreneurship. You might think that illumination or implementation is the most important step; however, your idea is not complete without elaboration. The creative person is not really perfect unless they can do it and do the hard work. Elaboration is testing the idea and working on the idea to test the exact products. It’s the detail stage.

Understanding of the creative procedure helps you find out about your mistakes. Everyone is capable of creative thinking and originality, but some people are more creative because they have learned to augment the creative process.

To know more about the creative process, head to YouTube channel; search the video on creative process and watch now.

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