Benefits of an Electric Rice Cooker

I’m going to talk about a small and one of my favorite kitchen appliances, known as an electric rice cooker. We follow a strict schedule daily, which also include soccer practice & school. And when we come back home after a busy school day, in remaining daylight hours, we need to have a healthy dinner. A Rice cooker is an appliance that makes your back to school a lot easier.

If you want to cook rice and simplify your cooking, then the rice cooker is available to serve this purpose. It’s effortless to make rice for your family by using a rice cooker. All you need to do is add rice with the proper amount of water in it and then turn the cooker on by pressing a button on it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of rice you are using. Whether you are using jasmine rice, healthy brown rice, basmati rice, or white rice, you can quickly cook them by using a rice cooker. It also saves you from the old-fashioned rice cooking methods like a stovetop. And if you don’t want to eat or serve instantly, then a rice cooker can also keep your rice warm at a suitable temperature until you’re ready to serve them.

What a relief that you don’t need to watch the rice while boiling them to take care that water doesn’t boil over. You also don’t need to wait for the rice to cook.

Another benefit of a rice cooker is that you can cook some other things in it as well. With some experimentation, you can also poach fruit, breakfast, and many other items in it.

  • Make a hot breakfast:

If you want to make hot cereals or other oatmeal, then all you need to do is add water or milk (less then stovetop) and the dried fruit or chopped nuts if you want. If everyone in your house wakes up at a different time, then its “kept warm” option keep the breakfast warm for them.

   2-Steam vegetables

You can also use your machine for cooking cut potatoes, chicken breasts, fish fillets, shrimps, tofu, and herbs if a steam rack also present in it. Then you can serve these as one-pot meals.

   3-Make risotto without stirring:

You can make this by following these steps. First of all, fry onions in butter by keeping the rice cooker open. After that, add 1 part of rice and 4 parts of liquids like wine and broth. Then cook on a slow cycle for about 25 minutes. And at the end, mix herbs and cheese in it.

  4-Slow-cook soups, beans, or stews:

Like some slow cookers, give your rice cooker time and enough liquid, and it will prepare long-boiled dishes without boiling over. For a hearty dinner, you can add wine, vegetables, beef, and split-pea soup by a ham in it.

 5-Poach fruit:

As we know that fruits are healthy for us, by using a rice cooker, you can also prepare healthy deserts of fruits boiled in juice. And you can also make sauces of different kinds of fruits in it.

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