How to Smile for a Picture Without Looking Like a Dork

Do you hate looking like a dork in photos because of your uncomfortable smile? You’re not alone. In fact, 81% of people say they do not like the way their teeth look in photos.

Learning how to smile for a picture can help you, even if you don’t like the way your teeth look. If you do decide you want to change your teeth, there are things you can do for that too. Continue reading this article to learn how to have a nice smile in photos.

Be Yourself

It’s understandably difficult to be natural when the camera comes out, but the more you can relax, the better your photo will come out. When you’re getting ready for your photo, think of something that calms you and makes you happy.

Don’t try to force the smile, but instead let the smile come to your face.

Fix Any Dental Imperfections That Bother You

Even if other people say that your teeth are perfect, you might not like the way your teeth look. If your teeth are crooked, crammed or spaced out, you might consider looking into something like the Invisalign process to get the teeth you want.

When you feel confident about your teeth, it is a lot easier to capture the smile you want on camera.

Practice in the Mirror

Practicing in the mirror can set your mind at ease. One of the reasons many people hate smiling in photos is because they aren’t sure how they look. If you’re worried you’re smiling strangely in photos, schedule some time to work on it in the mirror.

Once you find a couple of smiles that look good to you, practice in the mirror and notice how it feels when you smile this way. While you might not always have a mirror nearby when you’re smiling, you can remember the way it feels and smile that way.

Think of the Camera Like It’s a Person

It feels a little odd staring and smiling at a camera lens. Why are you doing this? Are you flirting with the camera?

How strange.

Instead of thinking how weird you feel when you’re looking at the camera, pretend like the camera is a person. You’re having a conversation with this person and you’re trying to make them your new friend.

When you stop thinking of the camera as an object and start thinking of it as a person, you’ll relax a little, you’ll become more natural and your muscles are likely to soften in the face to allow for a nicer smile.

How to Smile for a Picture and Love It

Now you know how to smile for a picture and with this new information, you can learn to love your smile. Smiles show confidence and let people know we are friendly, so taking care of yours is extremely important.

Do you want to learn more about other dental matters? Keep reading through our articles to get the information you need.

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