9 Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know

Camping is for anyone, may it be a family excursion across the country or a starry night under the night sky. It is a fascinating, fresh, and best way to spend your quality time with your family members. With summer hanging around the corner, most of us plan for a vacation, and it is the perfect approach to detach ourselves from technology, get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 

We just love to spend some quality time with our friends and family while enjoying the beauty and calmness of nature. In this article, we will focus on nine hacks that will not only help you to go zero waste while on your camping trip, but it will also save you from unnecessary waste of time. In case you would like to go way more zero waste, we recommend you to purchase most of the zero waste essentials you might need as well.

1. Preparing Pillows with Old Pillowcases and Clothes

When it comes to space, people face difficulty while camping. Consequently, to avoid this problem, prepare a pillow by using a pillowcase and even clothes. This will save space for more necessary items, which can be more helpful in the future. Avoid carrying unnecessary things or heavy stuff for camping. These small things can help us create that space in our bag.

2. Have a Small Thermometer

Invest in a small thermometer into the cooler lid. Ensure that the temperature is safe for storing your already prepared food. It should be 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it exceeds, chances are there that your food might expire. If you want advanced technique, you can use a waterproof cooler light. This will help you see through after sunset. This is the most helpful during your night camping. 

3. Prepare Meals in Advance

Preparing your food just before your plan to leave for camping, can save time there and have more fun. It is better to minimize your overall cooking time. Instead, you can get involved in some productive stuff and, most importantly, avoid a mess. Choose ingredients for the food meal and always chop them before your head for the trip. Instead of carrying whole eggs, collect eggs and egg yolks in two separate bottles. This will save you time and trouble. Also, there is no need to take an extra bowl with you. If you want to save more time and enjoy a lot of fries while camping, you might want to carry and use an air fryer to fry your veggies and chicken as well.

4. Prepare a Checklist

It is essential to have a checklist. Checklists are vital necessities when it comes to things we should carry and even the unpacking and repacking, which is a part of a camping trip. By preparing a checklist well in advance, we can make sure that we don’t forget all the essential things, for instance, lighters, cookware, first aid, and other essential items. Missing any of these things might spoil the camping. Because we need to consider many things to make sure we don’t miss out on any essential items. The checklist is necessary for every trip to be camping or traveling one to another.

5. Mini Soap Bars

Is it possible to make mini soap bars? Yes, it is possible! Just use a vegetable peeler to make a single-use soap bar, which will not only save your money but also can avoid the huge mess. Also, it’s very handy! As the main objective is convenience. Moreover, have you heard about “DIY Shower?” One can easily make this without any complications. All you’ll need is a watering can and a large jug to prepare this. All you need is a watering can, a large jug, and a glue stick to attach this.

6. Prevent Salt from Clumping

Are you wondering how to do it? It’s easy. Just take a cue from your local diner. Add a few grains of rice to the saltshaker. This will prevent the salt from clumping, and salt will flow easily. You can also use a shaker made out of plastic with a snap-down lid. This will help in keeping the moisture out, and salt will never clump. 

7. Sage as Mosquito Repellent

Also, it smells excellent too! This is the most common problem people face during camping. So, one can add bundles of sage to the campfire to keep mosquitoes far away. It is seen that the smell helps to repel the pesky mosquitoes. Another alternative is Johnson’s baby creamy oil is surprisingly an excellent mosquito repellent.

8. Microfiber Towels are the Best

In case you’re thinking of taking all the equipment with you, it might be difficult for you to carry the weighty items. We all know Microfiber towels are so light and absorbent than the regular towels which are very convenient. This will also help to create that extra space in your bag. These towels dry quickly as well. Moreover, using these microfiber towels instead of regular paper towels will help you to reduce your carbon footprint over the planet, which is always environment-friendly!

9. Carry Compact Cooking Utensils

Even though space is not an issue, it is not only convenient but also very handy to carry compact cooking utensils with you for camping. These cooking sets are very beneficial because they are durable, easy to use, and multipurpose. This makes the cleaning up process and repacking while coming back way more effective.

Keep these all things in mind before leaving for your camp. Happy camping!

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