Hi Aimie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello and thank you for the interview. Life has taken quite the surreal turn these last few weeks. Considering all things, I am doing well quarantining with my husband at home in Burbank while still being able to collaborate online with various artists. I consider myself immensely fortunate, while feeling empathetic for those who are struggling to continue with music and survive in the current state. Focusing on art in a time of crisis is a privilege that I do not take lightly.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Congratulations?”

“Congratulations” was written in late 2015 and recorded in the spring of 2019 at MooseCat Recording here in Los Angeles. Co-produced with Mike Post, it is part of a future EP titled Bigger Than the Sun.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Well, yes. As a songwriter I most often feel like the subjects of my songs are fairly obvious, and am surprised when asked about their meaning. But as a music fan, I understand that the meaning can be malleable and tailored to the listeners’ own personal experiences. I enjoy that malleability immensely from both perspectives. But since you asked, “Congratulations” is about encountering someone who had a baffling sense of entitlement coupled with a warped and overinflated opinion of their value to their world around them. The type that thinks they are the first and only individual sophisticated enough to enjoy Shakespeare or Bukowski. The type who thrives on manipulation and compartmentalization where they are always the star of the show.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

I’m obsessed with film. Many of my songs are about or influenced by movies that have touched me in some way. A few years ago I watched the documentary series The Story of Film, directed and narrated by Mark Cousins. It sparked a deep dive into archival footage of early filmmaking. With the current DIY culture in the indie music world, it’s fascinating to me to look back at the film pioneers’ work, learning a new artform, molding and shaping a craft that no one had explored before. So when I stumbled across the 1905 film, Narren-Grappen (The Jester) I tucked it away for possible future reference. It happens to fit the narrative of “Congratulations” pretty well, and being it is public domain, we used it as a base for our video. Cut together with solo footage of myself because the pandemic and social distancing excluded any opportunity to have others in this video, my husband Drew Sommer and I completed this project at home. I hadn’t planned on such a literal pairing of 1905 DIY with 2020 DIY, but I find it very fitting.

How was the recording and writing process?

“Congratulations” was one of those songs that just flowed out of me in an emotional moment with very little fine tuning in the followup. It was almost effortless and that’s so rewarding as an artist. I can say recording was equally effortless working with Mike Post. I am so lucky to have Mike in my circle, having found the perfect partner for Loretti production. He is open to my ideas, communicates well, works in a relaxed and professional manner, and has immensely creative and powerful input. We brought in Loretti members Danni Ammon for drums and Jason Goldstein on the keyboard to finish out with all of the needed elements.

What role does LA play in your music?

Los Angeles is a major character for Loretti. From the weather to the lifestyle to the humans I’ve met here. LA has made its way into my heart and music.

How would you say your musical perspective has changed as you move away from TX to LA?

My perspective remains the same when it comes to how and why I create. But looking outwardly, LA has definitely changed my perspective on the music community. I come from the Dallas-Fort Worth-area, which has talented artists, but it is a small town when it comes to opportunities. Things may have developed since my departure, but I have found Los Angeles to be more open, generous, and inspiring than I ever imagined.

Has CA rock brand has found its way into your music or you always try to go to stay truth to your roots and go for a much Southern vibe?

I have been at this for a while now, and for better or worse when I write music I find that my earliest influences cannot be denied or even escaped. That’s actually how Loretti was birthed, by accepting my origins and embracing my true voice in music. Self-actualization and awareness are so important in our journey in life, and it’s just as true as an artist. I decided 10 years ago to just do what comes naturally when it comes to Loretti and it’s been the most rewarding and satisfying music project. I still enjoy dabbling in other genres, collaborating with multi-styled artists, and of course listening to a variety of music on a daily basis. But Loretti is the focus of who I am at my core and what music meant to me as a child.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Absolutely! It’s the first of four singles from my upcoming EP, Bigger Than the Sun. And my next release will also have a music video that I am ecstatic about. Definitely more to come!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Because of the current pandemic, release dates are in flex at the moment, but we should be releasing our next single, “Los Feliz,” with its music video in early summer.

Any plans to hit the road?

Ah, the road! That is also elusive because of COVID-19. Fortunately we had not booked any out of town tours before the shutdowns began. I am heartbroken for my fellow musicians who have been announcing their tour cancellations these last few weeks. I cringe every time I see new predictions about when music venues will be opening. Just today I saw fall 2021 and that’s just blowing my mind. In the meanwhile I am working with fellow musicians and promoters looking at all of the online opportunities available now. Perhaps this is a time when innovation and DIY can move music into a direction previously unexplored.

What else is happening next in Loretti’s world?

I’ve just begun recording a covers album that will be collaborative with my closest artist friends in Los Angeles. Each cover is carefully selected from my favorite playlists over the years, and my partners on each song are equally important to me. I have also begun writing for a follow-up EP that will be recorded at MooseCat with Mike Post in late 2020. Outside of Loretti, I am teaming up with Danni Ammon in a new pop project. The world continues to turn, and art begets art. No matter what is happening that is the constant.


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