Faiz Imran A Successful Entrepreneur

Success has no age, status, and gender, but it can be yours if you work hard with dedication. No matter from which field and country you are belonging, success will reach you if you deserve it. If we check out the number of successful people, surprisingly, the coming figures will amaze you as most of the teenagers and young people are successfully own their business and careers. If we like around, we will get many stories of the people who came up from zero to billionaire. Today, we are going to discuss the Founder & CEO Fismma, let’s get started.

Early life:

Here we are going to discuss the success story of Teenage Millionaire, who is still studying in high school named Peachtree Ridge High school. We are talking about Faiz Imran knows as a serial entrepreneur because, from the age of 9, he was selling different things and earn money. Still, he got fame after selling the “everscent” apparatus to the local company. Still, it was not enough for the Faiz so, he thinks about the success of the device and found that marketing was the main element behind the success of everscent.

So, he decided to build a website by using his abilities, and thankfully he get the best family and teachers who support him. He became the CEO of Fismma, a marketing website that provides marketing solutions to the business people. It was not easy for him to get success, but Faiz reached it by taking small steps. After developing his website, he builds some free sites for his family and friends, then starts the gig at the minute level and gradually increases it by the time. When he got some large projects, then he starts working with social media.

Fismma Digital Agency:

Fismma, a full-service digital agency, is one of the growing marketing organizations that provide marketing solutions to its clients. The organization consists of 120 faculty members in which only seven people are doing a full-time job. It means that most of the employees are students who join office after their school hours, and Faiz also spends six hours extra on his work.

Today, Fismma is dealing with the massive social media accounts and networks with the launch of different brands that are linked with the page. The agency is working efficiently for the development of a digital company as well as for the partner networks.

CLIQ, a Social Media Platform:

CLIQ I a new social media platform, and it deals with some of the famous names, including business people and people of the sports industry, etc. as this application is still funding, and the investment is about to finish soon. Here is the Faiz’s Instagram that he operates personally. Fismma is now providing marketing solutions to the leading organizations and handles their social media accounts as well.

If we talk about the personality of a Teenage entrepreneur, he is very a gentleman and supports other youngsters to come forward and do something for their future. Bring new ideas and make them realize is not an easy task, but if you focus on your goal and keep going towards it, then success will be yours. Faiz personal site is also available for your help.

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