Preparing Yourself Against The Pandemic Flu

Seasonal flu can be described as a widespread respiratory tract disease that is caused by the influenza virus. Flu is commonly found every year, especially in the fall and winter seasons. Problems that are caused by flu are pneumonia and even worse chronic illness. Hence, severe flu can lead to death to its victim.

Here you also must know that normal flu is riskier for those who possess a weak immune system. Although seasonal flu is not so serious for the majority of people as the body is familiar with that virus before. Annual flu shots are enough for protection against seasonal flu.

But, on the other hand, pandemic flu is a different form, and it can become worse if it is not appropriately treated. Pandemic flu can spread from person to person, and it can cause a global outbreak of a new kind of flu virus. Well, pandemic survival is only possible if you follow the below-given methods.

How Can You Treat Pandemic Flu?

Treating pandemic flu is very similar to the treatment of seasonal flu. As the treatment includes:

  • It is compulsory to stay at home to avoid unnecessary spreading of the flu to others.
  • Drink water as much as possible.
  • Take plenty of rest and avoid doing unnecessary chores.
  • You can start taking pain killers like acetaminophen that will help relieve muscle pain and fever as well.
  • Avoid giving aspirin to kids or teenagers who have symptoms of flu and fever because these pain relievers are not good for them.
  • Take only those medicines that are prescribed by your doctor, especially if you feel that your flu symptoms are severe, and you are having high fever.

Practice Good Hand-Washing:

The best possible way to stop spreading germs is to wash your hands again and again. Even simple flu germs won’t be able to attack you if you wash your hands obediently before and after every chore.

Below is the list of things after which washing your hands become compulsory for you:

  • It is necessary to wash hands after coughing, blowing your nose, and even after sneezing.
  • Wash your hands after helping a sick person.
  • Be obedient to wash hands before and after cooking any food.
  • Before eating food/meal, you mustalso wash your hands.
  • After going to the bathroom,never forget to wash your hands.
  • You should also wash your hands after changing the diaper of your baby.
  • Touching animals, feeding them food, and cleaning their waste also requires hand washing. Do it before and after this chore.
  • Wash your hands after cleaning the bathroom or handling any kind of trash.

Rehearsal Cough and Sneeze Protection:

If you are coughing or even sneezing, here is what you should do:

  • Change your position or turn away instantly from others.
  • Try to wrap your face, mouth, and even nose with a mask, towel, or tissue paper and afterward, throw it away.
  • If you don’t have anything to cover your face at that time, you can use your elbow to cover up your face. But, never use your hands.
  • After sneezing or even coughing, you should wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap, or you can sanitize them too.

Cleaning AndDisinfecting:

You can prevent any flu or germs from spreading by properly cleaning and disinfecting the areas that are utilized by many people. Such as doorknobs, cabinets, tables, chairs, and even telephones, and mobile screens should be disinfected regularly.

You can do it by using the following one’s:

  • Sprays (Disinfectant)
  • Cleaning wipes
  • The liquid form of disinfectant to clean floors


Thus, if you do proper care of cleanliness, it is possible to fight against any pandemic flu or virus. So, be cautious and follow all the above tips. Be safe to be healthy!

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