Electromobility- All you Need to Know With Life-Changing Benefits

Electromobility or e-mobility is known as the use of electric cars, e-bikes, electric motorbikes, e-buses or e-trucks. The common features of all of them are, they are fully or partly driven electrically and have a means of storing energy on board. The vehicles obtain their energy mainly from the power grid. It is fascinating to know that electric cars are quiet, efficient and low-emission. These vehicles are used to date in cities to provide excellent services.

It is amazing to know that Electromobility is considered as the umbrella term for many trends in the current development because:

  • Electromobility represents broad-reaching changes in the range of available vehicles. It also represents the changing’s ingovernment subsidy programs and battery developments.
  • It also includes industrial sectors like battery producers and vehicle manufacturers along with their component suppliers.
  • Electromobility also describes the radical change in the mobility landscape.

E for efficiency

In principle, an electric motor can convert power into motion than can combustion engines that make it environmentally- friendly. It is surprising to know that advanced electric motors are up to 92% efficient.

However, it is essential to know that if the battery losses and similar are taken into account than 85% of the applied power is available for vehicles. Furthermore, modern combustion engines are up to 25% to 40% efficient under high loads.

  • A greener planet for everyone

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, cars alone release about 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year that is approximately 20% of the world’s total. However, most of the pollution is caused by internal combustion engines that are the most common form of power for the transport machine.

Unlike ICEs, electric vehicles have zero exhaust emissions. Furthermore, they don’t even have an exhaust system. If you use renewable energy to recharge an EV, you can easily expect a further 85% reduction in carbon dioxide.

  • More energy

It is fascinating to know that electric vehicles are far more energy-efficient as compared to conventional ICEs. Batteries and electric motors that are used to power these machines usually can convert 59-62% of energy into vehicle movement. On the other hand,  ICEs only convert between 17-21%.

In this way, we can conclude that charging an EV’s battery puts more towards powering the vehicle as compared to filling up at a gas station. Higher energy efficiency means lower running costs.

  • Easier breathing

The World Health Organization reported that more than 4.6 million people die each year due to directly attribute to air pollution. This population is more than people who die in automobile accidents. It is improving air quality by reducing Nitric oxide emissions.

Moreover, a recent study by Northwestern University also quantified the differences in air pollution generated from EVs versus ICEs. It was found that EVs have a net positive impact on air quality.

  • The sound of silence

While it may not seem as crucial when compared to fuel emissions and noise pollution still comprises some negative impacts. According to recent surveys, there is no direct link between noise pollution and mental health issues. However, noise pollution has been connected to atrial fibrillation, heart failure or stroke.

Off-road, the near-silence of EVs has a huge impact on inner-city environments. In this way, construction can be carried out easily in residential and office environments.

  • Increased uptime

It is essential to consider that EVs have fewer moving parts as compare to their conventional ICE counterparts. It means that there is simply less to go wrong. According to the recent survey, it is estimated that about 75% of construction business owners admit to having standing idle and unwanted downtime that cost a fleet manager $500 a day per machine. It can also result in construction projects running over time along with over budget. However, this may not seem life-changing but having a machine that remains up and running for a long time can easily make all the difference in essential infrastructure projects.

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