Why Traditional Casino Is No Longer Actual

Gaming has come a long way since those first saloons and parlors that evolved into colossal Las Vegas palaces that we call casinos today. The gaming industry brought us so much fun and it continues to entertain us despite fierce competition it faces from other forms of amusement craft. There is a special touch of glamour related to the casino experience and that is one of the main reasons why their allure has persisted for so long.

Tradition vs reality

There are many features that make traditional casino a classy form of entertainment. Fine-polished wooden tables, glittery slot lights and the sound of chips and cards flying across the room just create a smooth atmosphere of gaming hideaway. Going to a casino on Saturday night is an all-inclusive social event that brings the best in players and everyone involved in this whole gambling experience. People dress up, put their best suits on and order their favorite drinks they can sip while enjoying a few hands of blackjack. They gather around that roulette table and exchange a word or two with other players or they just soak up that electricity in the air while everyone is trying to test their fortune.

They immerse themselves in their surroundings, oblivious to the fact that traditional casino is using some clever tricks for making people enjoy gambling to the fullest. There are no windows or clocks displayed so players can focus on their game rather than time passing, which gives people a distinctive feel that time runs very slowly and that gaming can last forever. The table settings plus those arrangements of the whole rooms with all designs and patterns are carefully planned to maximize their time spent on those tables. While relaxing jazz music is playing in the background, it puts everyone at ease so the gambling can be enjoyed as a pleasurable pastime with no tension in the air.

Online gambling takes over

The problem with traditional gambling and old-school casinos is that they are not affordable for a wide range of audiences. The whole traditional casino experience can be quite an expensive endeavor even before one even manages to get to his poker table. It can be an expensive hobby that requires a big budget to be maintained constantly. This is why when we think of casino, we think of high rollers betting large sums of cash on a single roulette bet. The goal of any industry is to offer services that are affordable for potential buyers and not deterring them from accessing their market.

This is where online gambling came in and changed this game forever. Online casinos lowered their cash limits to the point where anyone could afford rolling a few spins or entering tables of his choice without fear of losing all of his money quickly. Nowadays, anyone can afford the Las Vegas experience from the comfort of his home, or with a touch on his brand new tablet gadget.

Gambling is socializing

This changed this industry forever as more income is being generated online while cash flow is shifting from those tables to our laptop screens. When people think about gambling today, the first thing on their minds are not dealers wearing tuxedos, but online casino with some nice welcoming bonuses and fast game loading time.

Many critics say that the spirit of socializing is diminished by taking all this action online but this is not entirely true. Online socializing is like chatting on social network and many players seem to like it plus they prefer online casino privacy over traditional casino glamour that costs more money to attain. Action runs much faster in online casino plus the highest paying online pokies are much easier to find and enjoy than in traditional casino surroundings. There are no long holdups at every cashier boot where you have to wait for your chips to be converted into solid currency, as money flows rapidly via modern transaction systems like Visa or Paypal.

Quantity vs Quality

Another thing that is so obvious is the abundance of available games that one can access with a single click of his mouse. There is no traditional casino that can match this rich offer presented in the catalog of any virtual casino out there. So many themes plus variations and colorful animated titles that capture our imagination are visually more appealing than any Las Vegas smokey and crowded rooms. There is also a matter of one being able to stop his game whenever he wants and take a break as long as he needs it before he comes back and continues his gameplay. When one plays in a traditional casino it is very hard to stop playing at his own convenience or pause a game that is already set in motion.

We are facing a strange situation these days with this coronavirus shutting down casinos all over the globe as some social distancing is required for battling this problem. All this action is shifting online and even hard-core players who prefer traditional casino gameplay are forced to adapt their style for a while. This situation is showing that virtual gameplay is safer in these modern times, as we will surely face similar situations in our future. Young players are educating themselves on procedures regarding virtual gaming as a precautionary measure for times like these. It is better safe than sorry, and online casino surely puts safety in this equation.


As virtual reality is becoming an everyday occurrence in this gaming industry, we can only imagine what the future has prepared for us in this department. Once this virtual reality takes over and becomes incorporated into the gambling industry, a new age will begin for all those gamers out there. Most casino websites are very appealing even at this stage but once virtual reality enhances our whole gameplay experience there won’t be much difference between old-school traditional casino and a new online gambling den. Until then, we can enjoy the best of both worlds and watch them compete and upgrade so they can bring us top-quality entertainment and flawless customer experience.

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