PREMIERE: Stacc Styles Talks (And Premieres) New Single “Raw Is War”

Tell us a list bit about this new track “Raw is War” and what inspired it…

The inspiration for this track comes from a different mind set than I normally go with , it’s Angry , it’s a song of triumph, Raw is War is a track for the underdogs , it’s so much of what I’ve had to go through but also telling everyone that I will never give up and I will keep going forward no matter what. The original story behind the track is that it started as a verse I did over a Tech N9ne beat back in the day just for fun I put it up on YouTube as the pale white kid raps fast part two … needless to say it got quite the reaction, so I later was going to release it on a track called Ready for War , which unfortunately was never released. Once that happened I added a hook and another verse to the track and then over time found the right beat that worked for the lyrics and boom Raw is War was born .

Tell us about the recording and the process

Stacc: I picked up Louie Cohen from Epidemic media on January 19th 2020 in Denver Colorado, on our way back , we began to discuss what we were going to do for this video , where would we film it ? How would we film it etc etc. I had an idea to do a post apocalyptic theme something like the book of Eli or I am Legend, so I said to Louie , “it’s gunna be the year 2036, something bad happened, world war 3 is over and I am the last man on earth … or am I ?” That’s all I said and Louie was like “alright let’s do that” . We got lucky the next day it was overcast and rain and it was really foggy about 35 degrees for the high and the lake near my house was frozen solid , we also started exploring the areas around which I live in northern New Mexico and found basically two ghost towns know as Pena Blanca and Santo Domingo , which worked perfectly for what we were looking for , we found a torn down silo and a destroyed warehouse right next to old train tracks , it was just one good location after another and within 48 hours we had everything we needed .

Any cool stories from the recording?

The song itself has been re recorded several times over the years , but finally it has reached its final adaptation… as far as recording the video they’re were some challenging moments, one in which we recorded in Santa Fe New Mexico at this huge abandoned church, however there was a film crew filming on the other side of the property and there is only one entrance, so we lucked out and there security guard was sleeping on the job , so we just cruised through real quiet and started shooting , we made it about 20 minutes before being kicked off the property lol … but hey we got the shot

As a rapper that spits rapid-fire rhymes. What is your approach to songwriting like?

Stacc: This song was a different approach cause I had already written the 1st verse years ago and then added a hook / chorus on top later on , so with that being said it took me some time to find the right beat that would match what I wanted , eventually I found the beat that worked and then pieced it all together.

Tell us about the new song/video and who you collaborated with…

Stacc: It’s a Don P beat , which if you know any of his work it’s hyphy and in your face style of beat. Nathan Tyler did a great job on the recording, mixing and mastering, and Louie Cohen from epidemic media and myself went through and did all the editing for the video . Louie got some killer shots so we had a lot to work with with when it came to the editing.

How does it fit into your catalog of work? 

Stacc: This one is different from anything I’ve ever done , it’s not very flashy or fancy , it’s definitely not a party track or anything like that , it’s Raw ! Its epic ! It tells a story from beginning to end and leaves you hanging and wanting to know the rest of the story at the end . it’s like a mini movie for sure .

What is different from your live show versus the recording? 

A: Yes this song will be available as a single real soon as well as apart of my 2nd Full Length lp titled Mr.Purple coming real soon , the Covid 19 / Corona virus has changed our release dates for certain singles/albums/projects as well as touring, however when the smoke clears and we get the green light there will be another Stacc Styles Tour and we will be touring with the new album (Stacc Styles Mr.Purple , the 2nd full length LP) and you can always expect high energy hip hop and something a little different from everyone else when it comes to both the recording and the live performances that I intend to do and release from this point forward, I’m going to expand and enhance!

Tell us a bit about the upcoming record “Mr. Purple”…

Stacc: Every song is unique in its own way on the Mr.Purple record , Nightcrawler is a trip down the rabbit hole , it’s where I was at in a certain time in my life a few years ago , my days wouldn’t start until the sun went down , and I wouldn’t go to sleep until the sun came up sometimes even closing up the house before sun up always keeping it looking light night time inside the house  . Those were wild and sometimes even scary times , however it made for a good song , other tracks like new mind state featuring Jerse (CCS Crew/Tustoned Kids) is about all the school / theater shooters and or shootinags that have occurred over the years and we rap about how if we were there we would have stopped that situation from happening by fighting back or stopping it before it happens , it’s kinda of trip / flash back kind of track that is a what if ? Or choose your own adventure type of song . Where as I will Rise and Driven are very rocky balboa ish , songs of never giving up and triumph , over coming the odds much like Raw is War but not as up beat and in your face . Comprehend , and Breaking Point are more compassionate tracks , and more of a slow almost depressing feel to them in regards to life and the way things are with crooked politicians , religion , and the state of the world . The album ends on a High Note with a song titled … you guessed it “High Note” feat. Crookyd and Cash Lansky !

This album is something different then anything you will hear that’s out there one hundred percent , Mr.Purple has its own style and feel and really has something for everyone .

Any closing thoughts you want to share with fans before you go?

Stacc:: I think the most important thing is for people to hear my story , to really feel the music and understand the words and the meanings of what’s going down through each track , all my songs are from my life experiences , and if people can relate to it and feel it and it helps them get through there day or night or when they are feeling down and lost , I’ve been there I’ve been through those bad times and those feelings , so I want those people to know they are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they truly believe in it and in themselves. It’s all about the love and passion for the music , the heart and soul , fame and fortune is just a bonus, it’s not the driving force by any means .

Stacc Styles - Raw is War (Official Music Video)

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