Beginners Guide: Cosplaying in Anime Conventions

Currently, there is an anime and manga craze all across the globe. The wonder never ends, and there is always something new that comes up every so often. Some of the creators got inspiration from popularly classic role-playing games (RPG) such as Wizard’s Crown, Legend of Zelda, Dungeon Master, and Final Fantasy. A few mangas such as Death Note, Demon Slayer, Bleach, One Piece, and the Seven Deadly Sins have crossed over to the small screen as a well-followed anime series. Avid fans (also known as otakus) relate strongly to the characters, and it shows in anime conventions where cosplay is often the norm.

Cosplaying is when an otaku portrays a fictional anime or manga character in full garb. A cosplayer goes all out via costume, makeup, hair color or wigs, and footwear. And the best way to show off everything you have is by going to anime conventions. These gatherings are exciting and inspiring, especially for those who are beginners. So if you are a beginner who is just starting in the world of cosplay, here are some tips to get you going.

Do your research and plan a working budget.

If you want your character to be perfect, you should be ready for the cost. There are complete, ready-made outfits already such as Deku (My Hero Academia) or Ahri (League of Legends), but expect them to be expensive. If you cannot go all out as of the moment, you can repurpose some of your old clothes and try to construct some parts of the costume by yourself.

Also, costumes are not the only ones you get to spend on. These anime conventions happen across different parts of the country. Also, these are not just one-day events as it usually lasts for several days. Prepare yourself for anything you may encounter there. Check out the location and the nearby hotels. These are also not free events, so you need to have money to pay for your entrance.

Go with friends.

A lot of fans from different spheres of life are into anime and manga. It is natural for them to go and even fly to the event if necessary. Conventions will be full to the brim, and social distancing is a forgotten term. So if it is your first time, you may feel both exhilarated and overwhelmed. Avoid possible social anxiety, and have a friend tag along with you. Be with friends who also share your love of the craft.

Maintain stranger boundaries.

It is impossible to know everyone at an anime convention. You can bump into strangers every minute you are there. While you should always be friendly, be wary when they ask for your personal information. Also, do not go around the venue hugging and touching cosplayers, especially without their consent.

Respect the fandoms and the cosplayer.

Conventions are a haven for all otakus and cosplayers. No matter what they look like, treat the cosplayers and the characters they portray with respect. How would you feel if they did that to you? So trash-talking is a no-no for any fan. There is no reason to badmouth a fellow cosplayer.

Pack essentials in a bag.

Imagine going on a Pokémon-hunting journey with Ash. Together with Pikachu, he always has a backpack with him. You may not be a huge fan of his, but you need to emulate his bag-toting needs. Remember that you will mostly be out the entire day. Have a handy bag with you to keep essentials in – costume necessities, water, ID, toiletries, phone, power bank or charger, medications, and money.

Going to a cosplay event is always an exciting experience. But keeping yourself safe and secure is also essential in any convention. It is only then that you can live your otaku life.

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