The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has upset the balance of everyone’s life. From working-class adults to young students, everyone is suffering from a state of total lockdown as imposed by the Government. People are supposed to maintain distances, exercise caution, and take health care measures to ensure their safety. Under these circumstances, all life seems devastated by the loss that this virus has inflicted.

However, an even graver concern appears to be the mental health of young children who struggle to understand the reasons behind this state of distress. With the schools and institutions locked up, sitting idle and isolated from friends can be frustrating for children. In this situation of house arrest, parents need to take responsibility and play an active role in their child’s mental well-being. They should try to keep their children occupied with productive activities to save them from any anxiety. Many institutions have also taken the initiative to help parents and children learn online by conducting virtual classes.

Besides that, there are many stay-at-home activities that parents can do with their children and make them feel peaceful with the prevailing situation. Here are some suggestions that might help you keep your child engaged amidst the outbreak of this virus.


A kids early learning centre can play a pivotal role in overcoming the frustration welling up inside a child. Many institutions that are abiding by the directives issued by the Government have closed their learning centers and started conducting their classes online for young children. These virtual classes help young learners to stay updated and connect with the outside world from home. Parents can also participate with their children during these classes and help them with group activities. Enrolling in these classes and riling up the spirits of your child is a great away to diffuse the tension and make your child feel normal.


A great way to keep your child busy is to teach them a brain-teasing board game like chess. It is a great hobby to pick up and can help develop the critical thinking skills of young individuals. They can learn concepts like problem solving and teamwork using the structure of the game as a fundamental model. Besides this, board games are often popular with most children. Once the conditions improve, they can go back and share their experience and make others learn. They even get to show off some of their skills if they are lucky enough.


Every child has an artist lurking within them, which is worth discovering. Most children fail to connect with this side of their personality because of their parents’ busy lives. However, this is a great time to sit down and do some exploring. Expose them to a little music, read them some books of poems and fantasy, get them to draw something, teach them how to cook, or ask them to dance with you. These are a few of the many options which your child might enjoy and discover the artist within them. They might pick on these activities like recreation and could continue them as a hobby. Who knows? Soon they will be so good at it that you could see them getting famous for their work.


All the learning and fun activities are to indulge your child, but you shouldn’t forget how important it is to be physically fit in this situation. It is only possible when you make your child participate in indoor physical activities with you. It could be something as dull as a workout or as enjoyable as football or baseball that you can play in your backyard. It might be hard to convince your child to take care of their health using the conventional methods, but using fun activities as bait to lure them in is a great idea. It can help strengthen your bond with your children while keeping them in shape. When things are back to normal, they can even get to school and join a sports team if they aren’t already a part of it. They might even secretly love you for introducing them to a sport that they like.


These were some rough ideas that you can use to connect with your child and release their tension. It’d be a shame to suggest clinging to a computer or TV screen from such a young age because it will be a problem to make them give up on this habit when everything resolves. Also, they should be more connected to the real-world then an augmented reality that might hamper the growth of their perception about life. It is undoubtedly a difficult task to achieve with limited resources, but you will do great if you are willing to invest yourself for the sake of your child.

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