PhaseOne’s “Transcendency” Album Has Remix Makeover

As soon as PhaseOne’s debut album TRANSCENDENCY was announced last year, it was already one of the most anticipated albums to drop in 2019. Now just over 12 months later, the Australian producer is back with fourteen equally refreshing remixes from some of the industry’s biggest names and most prominent rising stars in the form of TRANSCENDENCY Remixes.  

Full of PhaseOne’s signature sound, it’s heavy and in your face from start to finish. Boasting collaborations with Barely Alive, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Phiso, Badklaat the remix package also features Bass music heavyweights like G-REX, TYNAN, Hydraulix,Moore Kismet, Akeos, Oliverse, The Upbeatz, Sub-Human, Code Pandorum, and Dirtyphonics.

Released via Disciple, this collection demonstrates an opportunity for PhaseOne’s style to embellish and enhance the other artists on the record. It results in a project that beautifully encapsulates both his technical expertise of and the sheer volume of talent featured throughout.

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to pass the lockdown, then make sure you give PhaseOne’s TRANSCENDENCY (Remixes) LP a listen below.

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