Inventor Launches the World’s First Oral Supplement Pouch

Peter St. Lawrence (“Saint”) is an American inventor and entrepreneur (inventurepreneur) who has invented the World’s first patent pending oral nutraceutical pouch delivery system. St. Lawrence was born in New York on August 12 1983 and comes from a strong lineage of entrepreneurs, public officials, educators and coaches.  All well-known figures throughout the Hudson Valley and Tri-State regions of New York. Peter attended St. Olaf College (MN) and Central Connecticut State University on a duel athletic and academic scholarship where he studied biological sciences and product engineering.

The idea for the invention to put nutrients into an oral pouch came to St. Lawrence in is collegiate football days. While in a film session he noticed that close to 80% of his teammates were constantly using a similar oral pouch to “dip” (deliver) smokeless tobacco to their bodies.

After graduating in 2008 St. Lawrence joined the family business of entrepreneurship and coaching. He started with inventing the now highly successful (FAF), the World’s most prominent American Football scouting and networking company. From 2008 to 2011 Peter never lost sight of his passion for biotech and product design. In December of 2012 while hosting an FAF collegiate-to-pro scouting event servicing over 300 college football all-stars, Peter again noticed the high number of players that were using the smokeless tobacco pouches.

Immediately following the 2012 event St. Lawrence suffered significant personal and family trauma. It was in this moment he decided that it was time to begin the arduous journey of inventing an innovative and market-ready product for the biotech and nutraceutical industries. Peter knew how notoriously fast-paced and competitive these fields were, but felt with his athletic background and innate product design abilities he had a decent shot. Midway through 2013 he leased a small live-work engineering lab in New York where he spent two years in isolation engineering the oral pouch technology and running test after test. Finally, in April of 2015 the nutritive oral pouch was invented for the mass market and its patent was submitted to the USPO. St. Lawrence founded PRO-DIP, LLC as a New York LLC ® which is now recognized as the global leader in nutritional oral pouch tech innovation and distribution.

PRO-DIP® Energy’s flagship ION Energy Pouches are currently taking off in the U.S. marketplace since mainstream distribution partners like J.Polep and GNC jumped on board in the latter half of 2019. The PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouches deliver flavorful bursts of vitamins and natural energy supplements through small, semi-permeable sachets placed in the mouth, between the gum and cheek or lip. The material within the Pouch is a premium energy powder blend of natural B Vitamins, Caffeine, Vitamin C, Taurine, Beta-alanine and more. The initial burst of supplements is followed by extended delivery and absorption of the nutrients, providing long-lasting energy even at high-exertion levels. With its hand-free ease of consumption, the energy-rich pouches are an alternative to traditional sports supplements and deliver a daily serving of natural vitamins and nutrients for the endurance and stamina required during exercise and sports. One PRO-DIP® Energy Pouch is one serving and has 100mg of Caffeine, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

The invention of the pouch delivery system for nutraceutical powders continues to gain mainstream interest from health product manufacturers, medical organizations, big pharma, the military, space organizations, CBD/hemp companies, humanitarian aid groups and the list goes on. Midway through 2019, PRO-DIP® Energy started getting contacted by some of these major U.S. and international companies seeking opportunity to add the Pouch to expand and innovate their current product lines. The opportunity to initiate a project of this magnitude was something the founders of PRO-DIP® couldn’t ignore.

Exiting a closed-door emerging food tech summit in New York, Peter St. Lawrence stated;

“In this modern age we’re very fortunate to be among the few who are given the rare and special opportunity to pioneer something completely original for the global market. The Oral Pouch itself may be our real “product,” as we’re now embarking on a mission to build something much greater than just a brand, we’re building an entire product category. What started as an idea five years ago now feels like a life’s-calling for everyone involved. We couldn’t be more pumped for this, after all we’re “energy” guys, haha (laugh). We’re here to serve-up useful innovations that people can use today. This is going to be an unbelievable ride and we’re all-in.”

In January of this year, PRO-DIP Energy® opened up its patent, invention, technology and expertise for other companies to utilize through a new division called PouchWorks. St. Lawrence along with the entire PouchWorks Team and its investors believe the best way to build this category at scale is to marry the innovation of the Pouch with already established brands and manufacturers. To accomplish this, PouchWorks launched a fully vertical Private Labeling and manufacturing program for brands who need their Pouch product to come fully made, and a new-age Licensing program to quickly equip nutra/pharmaceutical manufactures with a pouching line so they can offer the Pouch to their current and future customers (brands).

PouchWorks is in negotiation with many of companies who have plans to design and develop a line of products based off the unique dissolving of material that occurs through PRO-DIP/PouchWork’s permeable Pouch.

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Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About MyitSolutions

Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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