Because covid-19 is boring at home? Find your true love at

Technology today is an excellent communicational ally in this boring situation of COVID-19, so talking about love online today no longer seems to be interesting.

No time to meet new people

The relationships made possible through virtual environments, due to the rapid progress of the world, along with the high job, professional or personal demands of modern society, it is generated that for the individual is much more difficult to expand his circle of friends and therefore resort to love online, it is considered as the most practical, simple and even economical option.

It will no longer be like swimming in a giant ocean where you can possibly meet true love at some point in your life, but when you go to the web with the intention of looking for a partner like, you face the biological clock, since there are people who effectively have the same situation or single status, being divorced, with children, widowers, among other cases, and who in turn are interested in forming a family member or having a partner, which is why everything is simplified significantly.

Online Platforms

There are hundreds of portals around the world, which are responsible for matching people who are actively in search of a stable or temporary partner, allowing ties to be created based on the collection of certain data, which are evaluated regarding tastes, interests, and affinities like Mailovedoll;

There are also companies that despite profiting from their activity, being an expensive process in terms of investment, are in charge of applying even psychological instruments, such as various personality tests, taking advantage of the use of algorithms, to calculate with it the possibility of existing compatibilities between couples.

However, it is important to note that there are fundamental aspects of individual traits. , such as the character or values of the person that can predict the future and the possibility of continuing to strengthen the relationship.

Algorithms and artificial intelligence don’t make love online so much of a fluke

Currently, mathematical codes have allowed the communication and bonding of people who are at a short or long distance, without having seen each other previously, but who have likes, circles of similar friendships and even share certain personality traits, which makes them more attractive to each other.

But are there relationships that have really worked finding love online?

Although, it is difficult to find testimonies on the web of relationships that have worked under this modality, because what is normally commented or shared are mainly unsuccessful attempts, than those that have been achieved.

However, there are cases of couples who have met through the internet and who have even created a love or friendship bond, using in different ways the channels that are available today.

This also gives the possibility that distance relationships can continue to strengthen, adding communicational alternatives, since they can not only be related through text messages or calls but through video calls or photos in real-time, without leaving aside course the importance of physical contact.

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