Top Features of the Black Peel Off Mask

Massage therapy leaves amazing impact on skin but the use of the black peel off mask is incredible to attain fresh and nourished skin. By improving the blood flow on face can increase the beauty of your face.

In modern skincare routine, face mask application about which you have surely heard of or even have seen them on social media. These masks are used for gentle implementations that you can use on your face to get jaw dropping results. You must know that the benefits of face mask applications are manifold; it stimulates and speeds up blood circulation. The detoxifying effects of using this mask also removes the swellings on your face that is also called puffiness.

How to apply a face mask?

You should apply a face mask after massaging your face. Use massage roller or you can do it your own. How to use a face roller on your neck and face is a question that seems easy to answer but at the same time you should be very careful while doing it. You have to follow proper moves to get positive instead of negative results. Using face roller on your neck is very beneficial but should be done carefully. You just have to make sure that the application or rolling is an upward direction so that you may avoid loose and sagging skin. There are different types of the rollers and you must learn the uses of these rollers as per their type.

  • Tightens the facial muscles
  • Assists with de-puffing
  • Easy to roll with solid grip
  • Affordable, portable and lightweight

Ingredients of the mask

Bamboo charcoal

It is helpful for removing micro particles and dirt from the skin surface that assists to attain a flawless skin and complexion. It fights against acne.

Sea Silt

It is rich in advantageous ingredients like oxygen purifying clay. It contains organic components, Sea Silt and many more.


It improves the balance of the skin and reduces the poor clogging level due to the toxins and dirt. It helps controlling production of oil and prevents unwanted shine.

Lavender Oil

It is a solid source to provide phytochemicals and antioxidants. It reduces premature aging, prevents from pollution and UV rays.

Benefits of Mask

The black peel off mask helps in nourishing your facial skin and its tone. The small pack is portable and easy to hold. You need a solid and perfect mask when you are using on your facial skin to get 100% satisfied result. So, you can take it with you anywhere because it fits to your purse. It does not need any special rule to apply on face so, you can take it without any hassle. It is a versatile item that is ideal for using on other parts of body like neck. Use it for 2 to 3 times a week for two to three minutes. Being gentle in its nature, this mask provides soothing to your skin as well as it removes dark circles and puffiness.

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