Drug Face: What Drugs Do to Your Appearance

Thinning hair, rotten teeth, acne breakouts, dry mouth, septum erosion, and bloodshot eyes. Using drugs doesn’t just result in a lengthy list of health problems; it affects your overall appearance as well.

They can also have an impact on your weight and nails, but we’re only going to talk about the characteristics of drug face. When you see the devastation that drugs can cause, you’ll know why it’s best to just stay away from them.

Check out this guide to learn how using drugs can damage your skin, hair, nose, teeth, and eyes and leave your self-esteem in absolute shambles.


Drug and alcohol addiction can make the face to break out in acne. It can dull what once was soft, glowing skin.

Some drugs can cause the user to pick at their skin in paranoia, which results in nasty self-inflicted scarring. Speaking of scarring, if the user happens to use a needle to inject any drugs, it will result in marks and collapsed veins.


Certain drugs (such as steroids and cocaine) will stunt the growth of new hair follicles. This causes men and women alike to start to lose their hair. Steroids will also cause women to start to grow facial hair after a while of use.

With continued drug use and no treatment, hair loss and thinning can become a permanent consequence.


Snorting drugs can cause frustrating nosebleeds. After a while of continued use, these drugs will destroy the cartilage in the nose and could even cause permanent loss of the sense of smell.

Other symptoms of snorting drugs include septum erosion and a red, swollen nose.


Drugs like meth can result in teeth clenching, dry mouth, and even poor mental hygiene in general. Over time, the user will experience horrible bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and rotting teeth.

Certain drugs cause painful ulcers to form in the mouth. These ulcers can become infected and lead to additional problems of their own.

Drugs cause nutritional deficiencies that can damage teeth. Some drugs make the user crave sugary foods and drinks, which will contribute to rotting teeth.


Different drugs have different effects on the eyes. Ecstasy will lead to blurred vision and dilated pupils. Cocaine causes a rush of adrenaline to shoot through the body, which will also result in dilated pupils.

Heroin makes the user’s eyes droop and causes pinpoint pupils while it’s at it. Using inhalants results in red, watery eyes. Marijuana also causes bloodshot eyes.

The Characteristics of Drug Face  

Drugs don’t only cause a whole list of medical problems. They will also destroy your appearance by rotting your teeth, making your eyes appear red and watery, and breaking out of your skin.

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