Benefit of Reading Poetry

Reading is one of the most valuable activities that a man can do in his spare time. It is the most lovable hobby of many people around the world. Many of us when getting tired of our rough and tough routine finds great relaxation reading different types of books. As someone has rightly said that,

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

So, I think that if a person finds some free time in their busy life, they should read different types of books as it is an interesting activity.

What is poetry?

As quoted in English dictionary,

“Poetry is a literary work which expresses the feelings and emotions and is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.”

In poetry, the poet (writer) expresses his feelings through the use of words. There are deep meanings full of emotions hidden which are expressed in the words of poet.

Benefits of reading poetry:

  1. There are many benefits hidden in reading poetry. Some of them are as follow,
  2. First and foremost benefit or reading poetry is that we can improve our vocabulary skills through reading different pieces of work of a poet.
  3. We can better understand the feelings and emotions of people around us.
  4. We can see different sides of the world through poetry as it shows the thinking style of people belonging to different cultures and social backgrounds.
  5. Poetry teaches us how to live in this world as different kinds of scholars share their view points and experiences of their lives. So, we can learn from them.
  6. There are some motivational pieces of poetry which motivates us and teaches us to takes great steps in our lives and that we should never yield towards heavy odds.
  7. If someone is interested in writing poetry then it is an excellent way of improving writing skills.
  8. Reading poetry has some sort of therapeutic effects on the reader. It is so because when we read in our free time our mind relaxes and we forget all our anxieties immediately.
  9. There’s a research that says that reading is the best way to kill high stress level. Some psychiatrists believe that reading for just five to six minutes relieves our tensions.
  10. Last but not the least, reading poetry is an interesting job and we can we can get enjoyment and pleasure reading it.

Different books on poetry:

Well, there are many books written on poetry in almost every language of the world. In every culture, there are people who possess the skill to put their feeling, emotions and experiences in the form of beautiful words. Poetry is of many kinds like motivational poetry, emotional poetry, acrostic poems, sonnet etc. In your lives so far, you would have read different books written by different poets. If you can read poetry in different languages like English, French, Hindi, Persian etc. and you are interested in reading Hindi poetry then I recommend you to read Shayarinhindi. I believe that you would love it.

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