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8 Business Tasks You Should Outsource Today

Outsourcing has become a dirty word in some circles.  But when you outsource critical business functions to local companies, you are doing something positive for your business and your local economy.

Task #1 – Brand Development

Unless you are a creative genius, you should definitely outsource this task.  Let experts research brand opportunities, design logos, and create strategies to get your brand noticed.  They are the ones with the skills to make this happen.

Task #2 – Online Marketing

Search engines continue to make changes to how web sites are ranked which means online marketing is a never-ending job.  Stop the madness and turn this over to someone else!

Task #3 – Social Media Management

Social networking can be fun.  And it is extremely time consuming.  Unless your business is a social networking site, this is a function you should outsource to a social media expert who can help you build a strong following.

Task #4 – Financial Matters

There are lots of rules and laws that dictate how you can pay employees and when to pay taxes on sales and when to invest in stocks, bitcoin and other stuffs.  Since you are probably not an expert in these matters, it is a good idea to outsource these functions to someone who is an expert and will keep you legal.  You do not want to waste money on fines because you failed to file a particular tax form. For more information about the financial matters, click here.

Task #5 – Temporary or Sporadic Activities

No, you do not have to find a temp agency to partner with although this is certainly an option.  The problem with temp agencies is that often you get temporary employees who are not a good fit for your particular needs.  It is better to use a company like ExecRuns that hires out personal assistants or personal shoppers who have been specially trained to help not hinder.

Task #6 – Employee Training

Every employee needs to be trained on workplace laws and safety requirements.  Even if you have a specific training agenda, outsourcing this particular task can save your money and time.   You only pay the trainer for the time they are actually in front of your employees.

Task #7 – All Things Administrative

Nobody likes the paperwork that goes hand-in-hand with running a business.  Yes, someone has to do it.  But who said it had to be you?  You can outsource this function to a skilled administrative or executive assistant who can keep you organized while you focus on what is important.  They will answer phone calls, manage your schedule, and help with agency reports.

Task #8 – Anything You Are Not Good At

This might seem obvious, but nobody likes to admit there is something they are not good at in business.  Do not let this be your Achilles’ heel.  By placing all of your attention on your strengths, you will be more successful sooner!

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