3 New Tricks to Improve Established Businesses

In many ways, new businesses have certain advantages over older ones including those that are well established in the community.  As an established business owner, your attention is on day-to-day business processes.  Most small business owners and individual entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to keep up with all of the positive changes in the business world.  Following are some of the best practices emerging that established business owners can take advantage of to improve productivity and sales by the bitcoin revolution.

Trick #1 – Use Social Media as a Platform for Customer Evangelists

If you have any type of web presence, you have probably incorporated social media into your marketing strategy.  But if you are like the typical business, your social media is likely one-dimensional. In other words, you share information with customers about sales and new product launches.

A new approach is to use social media to convert customers into evangelists for your business.  They basically take over much of the marketing responsibilities and with better results.  When you find a few customers who have a significant social media following and are willing to promote your business to that following, your sales will increase overnight.  Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best marketing tool – and it now has greater impact thanks to social media!

Trick #2 – Partner with Innovative Local Companies

The Internet has drastically increased competition for all businesses. For this reason, you need to do everything in your power to remain significant in the eyes of customers.  And this requires a lot of resources on your part.  So do not waste money on internal resources you do not need.

Why pay for a full-time receptionist or executive assistant if what you really need is on-demand personal assistance. By partnering with local businesses such as ExecRuns, you get the human capital required to keep your business moving forward and you only pay by the hour rather than giving someone a salary.  Better yet, you do not even have to worry about the hiring process – they handle all of that for you!

Trick #3 – Create Rewards Programs to Keep Customers Engaged

Customer loyalty is essential for the success of most businesses. Not only are you fighting to get your business noticed by prospective customers, but you have to find creative ways to keep your existing customers happy.  With the increase in rewards programs associated with credit cards, businesses have started to create similar programs for their customers.

People like to get free things, so use that to your advantage.  In addition to building points to get free products or services, you can include unique promotional items that include your business brand.  This is a fast and inexpensive way to jumpstart your customer rewards program!

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