10 Ways to Make Your Car Look Cooler

Do you love your faithful car, but it’s few little design flaws are driving you crazy? Don’t worry, you don’t have to start visiting dealerships and looking for a new vehicle! There are so many ways you can up the cool factor of your existing car and fall in love with its look all over again. Here are just some of the best ideas out there.

Fix the dents and scratches

Before you start investing in anything else, make sure to remove all scratches and dents from your car. All flaws in the paintjob and body will stick out and attract negative attention. So, make sure to visit your local auto body spots and see how much they charge for repairs. Some dent repairs can be cheap if you shop for replacement parts at a junkyard or pay for a dent puller at an auto shop.

Get a new paint job

This upgrade is a little more expensive, but it will give your vehicle a totally new look. A fresh coat of paint will undo years of abuse and make your car look modern and luxurious. And you don’t have to choose the car’s original factory paint—you can go 100% custom! Most paint places can pull off any shade you want and achieve all sorts of amazing effects. If repainting is too expensive or too permanent for you, you can choose to have your car wrapped. It’s a cheaper and less risky way to give your car a new look.

Invest in a body kit

If you want to make really big changes to your car and don’t mind investing in bodywork and painting, consider investing in a body kit. While most body kits focus on side panels and ground work, you can simply add a new hood and a bumper and it will make your car look cool, aggressive and sexy.

Get new wheels

One way to make your car stand out is to switch out your old and boring wheels. Even though they make a great difference, people often neglect wheels, but since you can find them cheap, there’s really no reason to keep driving on those gross hubcaps. New wheels and tires will definitely boost your car’s personality and coolness.

Tint your windows

First of all, tinting all your windows is illegal, so stay away from that upgrade. However, what you can legally do is tastefully tint your back 3 windows for a very mysterious effect. If you really want a full tint effect, make sure to check the laws in your area to avoid getting pulled over.

Restore your lights

This upgrade will not only make your car look better, but it will also improve its performance, so it’s really worth the money. If you have an older car, your headlights are probably foggy, scratched and yellowish—never a good look. But, if you grab a new set of modern headlights and install LED bulbs, you can welcome your car to the 21st century. If you want to take a cheaper route, buy a headlight restoration kit.

Get attractive plates

When you invest a bunch of money into your cool car, you will want people to know who’s driving it. In that case, you might want a personalised set of plates. If you want something equally attractive yet more subtle, a cherished number plates will look smashing on your car.  Some initial combinations are rare and sought and therefore more  valuable but these car numbers will catch everyone’s eye and make your vehicle truly unique! When investing in cherished number plates, make sure to see an established reputable agent & dealer before purchasing online.

Personalise your car emblem

If your car has a unique paint job or body kit, you can further personalize your vehicle with a unique style and color of your vehicle maker’s emblem. Unique emblems can be acquired online or even though a car dealer.

Improve the interior

Your car’s interior can also get an upgrade for that cool and fresh look. For instance, you can improve your seat covers and grab new floor mats to create a newly-upholstered vibe. These are also great for protecting your existing car upholstery for many years and make it easier to sell your car (experienced buyers know where to look). Make sure to only buy seat covers and mats that fit your seats, otherwise, your car will look tacky. A new car radio is also a great investment that will allow you to be seen and heard while cruising.

Wax your car

Last but not least, a good wax job will make your paint job truly glow and even help you remove small scratches. It’s also highly protective of sun damage and rust. You can grab a home wax kit and apply some elbow grease or you can visit your local car wash and get a professional treatment.

With these updates, your wheels will look better than ever before. Your coolness factor will go up and you’ll have an attractive and comfy car to drive around town whenever you want some attention.

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