Why you should watch 90-day fiancé?

So, you were sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee in your hand, looking for a cool show to watch that brings Entertainment, emotions, spice, and laughter all composed into one. You see the suggestion box and on the top of the list, the bold and beautiful days of our lives 90 days fiancé appears. This show is super fun to watch and is one of the most amiable shows to watch and enjoy along with having your favorite meal or even with your family and friends.

What makes this show so watchable?

It is because of how it reflects upon issues that are real and exist in the present world as well. What difficulties different races- couples have to go through in order to live together and this show basically puts that all together.  How this show works is that couples who are from different countries love each other and try to obtain the k-1 visa which allows them to marry people from different countries. Portraying this in an entertaining manner and showcasing feelings and emotions which can be felt and related by the audience makes it one of the most-watched and to be attached tv shows of all time.

This show basically comprises 7 seasons starting from the originals in which couples go through the different phases of love, laughter, cheating and anger and how it all comes to a surprising end or a bond that is never broken aka Marriage. The number of surprises and plot twists makes the audience stay at the tip of their toes not knowing what will happen next which indeed gives you chills and a craving to know what happens next. After every season, more couples come into the show with a unique story of their own.  In summary, the show offers you a range of flavors and tastes which make you just have to stop and decide which you want to see and watch just like at a buffet of your favorite restaurant.

Audience of the show

Now, the young and the restless days of our lives 90 days fiancé is a show for those who are emotional and a believer in love without conditions or just looks. To those who believe in looks and money, this show was never meant for you so it would be best to just scroll through the suggestion box list.


In conclusion, this show combines structures of love and reality life difficulties and situations and execute the presentation so elegantly that indeed can bring one individual to tears but also with happiness and smiles. The mixture of the show composed of episodes makes it the best show to pass your time by. Also, the couple’s story individually takes you on a journey itself on how and when they came to meet each other. On the whole, it is a show worthwhile watching. You can select which season you may want to watch and which seasons capture your attention at best. Hope this helps. Have fun watching the show.

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