What is the Flow Chart?

A flowchart is a diagram that describes and represents a process, system, or algorithm. This type of diagram is used in a wide variety of areas to document, plan, optimize and communicate complex processes.

Flowcharts are created with rectangles, ovals, and depending on the application, with numerous other shapes. In addition, connection arrows are used to define the process flow or sequence. Looking at all the different forms of flowcharts, they are one of the most commonly used diagrams that are used by both technical and non-technical people in a variety of areas.

Depending on the application, a flowchart is often used as a business process illustration, Business process modeling and notation (BPMN) or process flow diagram (PFD). In addition, you are also related to other common diagrams, such as B. the data flow diagram (DFD) and the activity diagram of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). However, Flow chart creators are also present on the online platform to provide you with high quality charts online.

Benefits of Flow Charts

Flowcharts serve different purposes in many different areas far beyond the field of computer programming.

Regardless of the area:

  • Document and analyze processes.
  • Standardize a process for optimal efficiency and quality.
  • Communicate a process for training or a better understanding of other parts of the company.
  • Identify bottlenecks, unnecessary steps or aspects within a process in order to optimize it.


  • Planning teaching material and academic requirements.
  • Create a lesson plan or an oral presentation.
  • Organize a group or individual project
  • Illustrate legal or civil proceedings, such as voter registration.
  • Planning and structuring creative works, such as lyrics or poems.
  • Explanation of character development for literature or film characters.
  • Representation of the flow of an algorithm or logic puzzle.
  • Analyze a scientific process, for example, the citrate cycle.
  • Illustrate an anatomical process, such as digestion.
  • List of symptoms and treatment options for diseases or illnesses of all kinds.
  • Communicate hypotheses and theories, for example, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,

Sales and marketing:

  • Planning the structure of a survey.
  • Represent a sales process.
  • Planning research strategies.
  • Presentation of registration processes.
  • Announcement and dissemination of communication strategies, such as emergency PR plans.

Flowcharts for computer programming/algorithms

In their function as a visual representation of a data flow, flowcharts are extremely useful for writing a program or an algorithm. If this is done in collaboration with others, they also facilitate communication. You can use flowcharts to determine the logic underlying a program before you begin coding the automated process. It can be helpful to emphasize the big picture and the big picture and to create a guide that can be used as a basis for coding. Flow charts perform the following functions in particular:

  • Representation of the arrangement or organization of code
  • Visualization of code execution within a program
  • Explanation of the structure of a website or application.
  • Analysis of user behavior on a website or in a program.

Programmers often write a combination of words and programming language that people can read. Such code can display a higher level of detail, so it can be used either in place of a flowchart or as the next step after writing code.

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