How to set up a network printer?

A brief about the printer network:

The network printer is essential to reduce the need to purchase more than one printer at your home or your office. If you know how to set-up a network printer, then it becomes easy to give the command for printing anytime and from anywhere. But, the second question is whether you need to have the same system to connect a single printer or not?

The answer to this question is that no, there is no need to purchase the same system if you want to connect multiple systems to a single printer.

In our earlier posts, we have discussed this issue for Windows; hence now we are going to discuss the same or Mac and other 3D printers and systems. The steps are very easy if one wants to follow all correctly.

Why it is necessary to set-up the printer network:

We are going to answer this question with the help of an example. Go ahead and read about it more below:

  • Suppose you are the owner of a small business house, and your employees are working on different systems.
  • Now, the need for printing of each employee is more because of the work your company handles.
  • Also, you have to keep the record of every detail in files. Hence, is it possible for your company to purchase an individual printer for each system?
  • Even if yes, you can afford that, but do you have space to keep all those printers?
  • And, the third thing is that whether it is worthy of purchasing so many printers when you can work with a single printer?
  • If you have the appropriate answer for all these questions, then I would like to tell you that there is a choice for every individual by which they can set-up the network and connect a single printer with multiple printers.
  • Now, the question is how to set-up a network printer?
  • We have discussed the set-up of network printers in our previous blogs too. In that article, we have given information for the set-up of the network in windows. Now, here we are going to talk about an overall procedure that goes when in almost all the windows or systems.

Go ahead and read the full details about the set-up of the network.

Turn the printer on:

As the first step, turn your wireless printer on to connect it with the internet. After turning on the printer, connect it with the same wireless network of your source device. If the connection is differing, then you cannot set it up for working wirelessly. If you have to set a shared printer with a wireless network, then you will have to attach it first with the admin desktop.


After connecting the wireless printer with the same wi-fi network now, you can configure it to work wirelessly.

  • In a Windows computer, you will have to click on the start menu or press the window button. For Mac users, click on the Apple menu to start the process.
  • After the first step now, you have to locate the control panel app for the configuration. Apple users can search for system preference for this task.
  • Once you have entered the control panel window, you will have to click on the device and printers option. In the Mac device, the option is named as “Printers.”
  • The latest wireless printer will allow the desktop to automatically detect its information. You will just have to set it as the default printer. If the window is not showing the icon of the new printer, then you will have to add it manually.
  • Click on” Add new printer” at the top of the window. Now you can see all the available printers’ info in a dialogue box.
  • Select the printer that you want to set up for working wirelessly.
  • Click on the Add button at the lower side of the box.
  • After adding the printer, you have to save changes by hitting the Apply button.
  • Now you will see that the icon of your new printer has appeared on the window screen.
  • Set it as your default printer by right-clicking on the icon.
  • Print a page for cross-check :

Once you have done the process, you can print a test page to ensure that your wireless printer is set up successfully or not.  You can send printing data from the source device to your wireless printer to do a cross-check. If it prints the data, then you have achieved your mission. Otherwise, you will have to check your mistakes. So this is the answer to your question: how to set up a network printer.

Advantages of set-up a network printer:

There 3 main advantages of setting up a network between the networks are given below:

  1. The space for keeping printer is reduced:

When you want to keep a single printer and attaching multiple printers with it, then the area used to keep it is required less. One can keep the printer at a place that is at the middle distance for all the employees.

  1. The installation cost & service is also reduced:

When we have a machine at our place, it is essential to get the servicing done of the machine on time. Hence, the coos of maintenance are also increased in this case.

  1. The expense of purchasing the heavy machines increasing:

For office use, we have to purchase good printers that could be durable in the long-term. Hence, the cost of purchasing more equipment is increased. And, you have spent more amounts on the thing which is not required.

Hence, the above mentioned are the 3 advantages of setting up the printer network between multiple systems. There is no need to spend unnecessary costs on the things where there is an option.

Go ahead and set-up a network between your systems and give command whenever there is a need to print.


We have provided an overall guide to answer the question of how to set-up a network printer. We hope that now users can easily connect multiple printers that eventually reduce the cost of the printers. Even the space required to keep the printer is also reduced.

The set-up and installation cost is also saved. Hence, it is an example to show how we can use a single thing in multiple ways to get the most advantages from it.

Let us know about your other queries. We are trying to provide detailed guides to the users that could help them to solve their daily problems. Here are the experts sitting who are working day and night for the readers.

Get the best printer from the market as per your requirement and set-up the network. One can also take the help from the customer care center to know more about the network procedure. The companies like HP and Canon are ready to provide the service and help to the customers. They are working day and night hard to provide the best products to the loyal and potential buyers.

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Author: RJ Frometa

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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