The top 5 movies to watch online

1.A film to crack you up

During this quarantine season, it can get quite lonely and boring and it is quite easy to feel downcast and discouraged. This is a perfectly normal reaction, as humans are social beings and thrive best when interacting with others. When you are feeling a bit blue, therefore, one of the best and easiest things to do to cheer yourself up is to watch movies online, such as a great comedy. It will immediately lift your spirits and take your mind off the gloomy situation, even for a little while. Some of the comedies you can watch include films such as Good Boys or a romantic comedy such as Isn’t It Romantic. Comedies are diverse, and hence you can select any type of humor that tickles your fancy.

2.Something to watch with your loved one

Some of the best date nights include snuggling up with your partner on the couch, getting some popcorn and watching a great film together. Selecting a movie for two can be a bit tricky since you both have different tastes. However, romantic films are always a great way to wind down after a long day and have some downtime with your beloved. Romantic films will also strengthen your bond and enable you both to appreciate the love and all its magic. Romantic f movies are timeless, and hence you can always choose to watch a classic such as The Notebook or Pretty Woman. 


Some of the best award-winning films are dramas that revolve around multiple themes and issues that affect our society at large. These would include issues such as race, family, love, and so much more. Dramas are diverse and unpredictable as they evoke various emotions and reactions from a person. Watching a drama can cause you to cry, laugh, or even feel all the air sucked out of your lungs in shock. Marriage Story is a wonderful drama that you can watch, which contains some leading awarding-winning actresses such as the beautiful  Scarlett Johansson and the vivacious Laura Dern.


There is nothing to get your heart accelerating such as a wild, fast-paced action movie with a well built, handsome male lead. Action movies often have brilliant, complex storylines with a lot of high adrenaline scenes that will have you watching the whole film from the edge of your seat. Franchises such as The Fast and the Furious or Mission Impossible are some of the best action films that you can check out. There are also action films with female leads, which is a great progression in the movie industry. Charlie’s Angels is one such movie that you can watch and recommend to your girl squad.


If you want to escape to a world of vibrant colors, fairies, pixies, and the like, then fantasy films are the way to go for you.  The good thing about most fantasy films is that they are family-friendly, and you can thus watch them with your children. Films like Alice in Wonderland or Jungle book are fun movies that you can indulge in on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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