Subtronics Hits Cyclops Recordings With ‘Scream Saver’ EP

Set to drop through Cyclops Recordings is the bass-bowing, four-track Scream Saver EP from Subtronics, the Philadelphia-based dubstep craftsman who has been killing it across the scene. This release continues to further showcase his unique mechanical sound design which has seen support from a plethora of electronic music artists. After all, it’s hard not to love his work!

Subtronics lets us know what we’re in for with titles like “Scream Saver,” “Lullaby,” “Discotek” and ‘Blow Stuff Up.” Heavy bass vibes drenched in “wook” sweat elevate each and every cut on the EP as Subtronics takes us on a journey through Dragonball-tinged soundscapes, wonky dips and trips, and a shivering low-end determined to crush anything in its path.

Says Kardon: “There are several different approaches I have taken with this EP. It is a more noticeable range in sound design and mix down style. When I play live I am paying so much attention to the crowd, analyzing their reactions, that it can lead to overthinking. But ultimately, this has led me to look for a cleaner and more simplified, yet hopefully still unique and powerful sound.”

Scream Saver is the perfect addition to the bass music star’s head-banging discography. Stream the entire EP, out now on Subtronics’ very own Cyclops Recordings.

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