Javier Francisco Armijo | Video Production & Its Impact on Business Audience

In times past, video production was about whiz-bang gear, special effects and imaginative ability. For the serious practitioner, it could even become a craft aced over decades. But with the advent of the internet and the global scope of social media marketing, video production has evolved.  Today, the video producer must also be able to deliver measurable business outcomes. Javier Francisco Armijo knows the impact this has for entrepreneurs. His background reflects a variety of experiences in digital film production, project management and learning experience design (LX Design) in the corporate sector.

Your Online Profile Helps to Widen Your Network:

One important part of being in the video business is your network. Offering solutions online is like having major networking events at your fingertips. It’s easily the best way to provide your service to clients and expand your business online. And it only expands with each new connection.  An engaging online portfolio will help you to earn more money and by seeing your work, clients will have an idea of what you’re capable of so you should go out of your comfort zone and explore opportunities online.

Having Trouble Finding Corporate Video Clients?

Most people are on social media, so it’s a huge platform where you can establish your brand.  Put up a profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.  Video will help to showcase your work and brand easily. To be upfront, social media is the best way to build up and get solid traffic timely. A decent stunt for the individuals who are serious about networking with a purpose is to set some goals and make a habit of posting. Try and meet new people, get five business cards, set up three espresso gatherings and get one new client.

Make It Worth:

Corporate video production specializes in corporations because they can also be used to promote their business online. When someone is looking for the products and services who are in the same field that you are in as well, you can use corporate videos to generate interest and to get the world out. You can utilize the programs that can be anywhere to find the business tasks, processes or skills that need teaching and want to teach them best to the audience by creating a how-to video.


To provide an everlasting impact on business audiences,  you need to come up with all the innovative experiences and skills of designing. As an experienced video producer and LX designer, Javier Francisco Armijo says “you have to strike nine times out of ten to get a hit. So be ready and keep trying.  You will meet with success if you do.”

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