WFH (Working From Home) During These Troubled Times

Who would have thought that 2020 would have brought us a pandemic that led to a global economic recession. Not to mention, the majority of the global workforce has to work from home. While working from home might have sounded exciting at first, you’ve probably come to learn that it isn’t easy. You have so many distractions around the house. It is even more difficult when you have kids around because they can be a huge distraction.

But there is no way around working from home because the economy has been hit so hard, especially for small and mid-size businesses. At the same time, businesses must take the right measures in ensuring their employees are prepared to work from home. If done right, employees prefer working from home rather than from the office space because it provides them with a better work-life balance, according to a survey conducted by FlexJobs in 2019.

We have some tips from experienced freelancers, who have worked from home for decades to help you focus more on your work and make your day as productive as possible.

Stick to your workday routine

Most people take advantage of having the privilege of wearing pajamas and lounging while working from home. This can impact how productive you are. To try to get yourself mentally prepared for the workday ahead, keep up the routine you would normally have if you were going to the office. This means, shower in the morning, get ready for work and having an office space that is equipped with the technology needed for you to effectively work from home. Don’t lounge around on the sofa or in your bed and work from there. Dedicate an office space where you can work from home with little to no distractions.

Start and end your workday at a specific time, every day

You must build a work routine and have a specific time you start and end work. Mentally, it will feel like during the set hours, you are at work and will focus specifically on that. Once again, you must find a space where you can isolate yourself from the daily ongoings of the house and concentrate on your work. You can take short breaks in the middle to checkup on the house but make sure to keep them short.

Talk to your colleagues throughout the day

You may be working from home but remember you are not on your own. You still have colleagues you work with and you must communicate with them throughout the day. Take breaks to talk to them, share funny videos or memes through chat. Just communicate with one another on topics besides work, to keep each other entertained as you would do in the office.

Get some exercise

With the gym closed and most parks off-limits, it can be hard to get in a workout, be it running or weight lifting. But to keep you productive and healthy throughout the day, you need some source of physical activity. So go for a run around your neighborhood, get a treadmill, or some weights at home and be sure to take some time out midday to get some exercise.

Our last thought

As employers, it is important that you have a proper work plan in place to facilitate your employees working from home. While you may see a slight dip in productivity initially if your strategy is right, productivity will increase and employees will enjoy the flexibility and a better work-life balance. As employees, you just need to try to stick to your daily work routine as much as possible and set up a comprehensive workspace to be effectively working from home in these troubled times.

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