Make 2020 a Year of Green Home Improvements

There is no wrong time to start creating a green home. However, the beginning of 2020 doesn’t look very promising having in mind Australian bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic. However, staying at home longer has some advantages because you get to know your apartment or house better.

After a while, you’ll start realizing that there are many aspects of your household that can be turned green in terms of energy efficiency. Once the whole world gets out the lockdown, 2020 might prove to be the years of green improvements for homeowners worldwide.

Start collecting rainwater

One of the most important principles of going green is recycling and using natural resources, including electricity. Water is among the top resources the average household wastes so it is essential to find a way to use ass less water as possible.

One of the best solutions to prevent wasting water is collecting rainwater. Have you ever thought about all the scenarios in which you don’t drinking water to get a job done but you still use it? Potable water is not necessary to wash your car, water the vegetable garden or refill the toilet tank; all you need is clean water.

You can collect clean water if you place a huge barrel in the backyard and connect it to the roof gutters. Every time it rains, rainwater will end up in the barrel, instead of going down the drain, both metaphorically and literally. Attach a hose to the barrel and start using this water free of charge.

Landscaping is not all about the looks

If you want to go green, landscaping is the most obvious way. However, you might be wondering what exactly does a freshly cut lawn and trimmed hedges have to do with energy efficiency?

Apart from beautifying your outdoors, raising the market value of your property in the process, landscaping actually solves several issues.

Firstly, you’ll get more privacy if the hedge and the trees are tall enough. Secondly, a hedge along the fence creates a green barrier against the traffic-infested road outside. The fine dust and smog particle will be trapped by the foliage before it enters your vegetable garden. Thirdly, dense foliage effectively cancels out the sounds coming from the street, thus stopping noise pollution.

Building a mini solar plant

The only thing better than saving energy is actually producing it. We’re not suggesting you build another Hoover Dam but a mini solar plant on the roof of your home is more than feasible. It is easy to get solar quotes nowadays, so you’ll have a clearer picture of the financial aspect of the project.

If the experts give you the green light (pun intended) to go ahead with the solar plant, you’ll soon start crating so much power that you’ll actually start exporting it. Your electricity bill will go down by the amount of electricity you return to the grid. During the summer months, the power company might actually be paying you because your solar plant will produce more energy than your household is able to consume in a month’s time.

All the benefits of a programmable thermostat

If you take a closer look at your utility bills, you’ll realize that heating the house during winter is not a cheap affair. When you are unable to regulate the amount of heat entering the house, you are bound to waste energy. The issue becomes graver if the insulation in the walls, the roof, and the floor is poor in your home.

Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save a lot of money in the long run. The ability to lower the temperature inside your home or turn off the heating completely allows you to use heat energy rationally.

For example, by switching off the heating when you travel away from home for a couple of days, you can save tend of dollars. Moreover, lowering the temperature in the bedroom during nighttime will actually help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Dripping away money, not water

We’ve mentioned at the beginning that preventing water from being wasted is the apex of going green. One way to save water is to purchase washing machines and dishwashers that come with the promise of energy-efficiency.

In the bathroom, you can repair all the leaky faucets because you lose money every time a water drop comes out of the tap. It might not seem like much but leave a faulty tap dripping for months and you’ll be unable to repair the valve and will need to replace the whole faucet. A truly green home is free of the sound of dripping because conscientious homeowners fix these seemingly minor issues as soon as they occur.

Learn to donate

Whether you’re planning to modify the gutters to attach then to a rainwater barrel or you’re having a solar plant installed on the roof, there is going to be excess material. This might be a section of the gutters or the kitchen chandelier but just because you have no use for these items, that doesn’t mean you should throw them away. Instead of getting rid of stuff by taking them to a landfill, learn to donate.

2020 hasn’t been easy on humankind so far but we can still turn things around by making this year the year of green home improvements. Both we and nature stand to gain from these improvements.

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