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INTERVIEW: House & Home

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pretty good, considering!  We’re all healthy and doing fine, just doing what we can to stay active and keep morale up.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Heatseeker”?

It’s the first single off of our debut LP, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  We’ve tried really hard while writing the new record to go deeper into what we’re trying to say in our songs, and we feel like this is one where we really achieved that.  The song is about pushing through despite realizing that not everybody is out to help you, and some people won’t hesitate to take advantage of you, given the opportunity.  The harsh truth is that not everyone has your best interest at heart, especially in the music industry, but it just makes the ones that do all the more important.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

There are a lot of instances that apply to the general meaning behind the song, but I guess there is one in particular that inspired it.  Without getting too specific, we had planned on working with someone on the record who seemed really excited at first and seemed like a good way to go, but the further we got along writing and the more and more we talked to some trusted friends about how to make the record as good as it could be, we decided we needed to go a different route.  Once we broke the news to that person, let’s say they kind of showed their true colors, and it really scared us into thinking that we’d somehow damaged our career.  We learned from it, though, and looking back we don’t regret the decision at all.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

We worked with Bradley Atom for the video, and it was absolutely awesome.  The two kids, Bruce and Pete, are actually brothers, and we had no idea what to expect when we got to the shoot.  We’d never worked with young actors before.  They completely blew us away.  I think the concept of the video really shown through in the final product, and Bradley and his assistant videographer, Rory, were a dream to work with.

The single comes off your new album Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light. – what’s the story behind the title?

The title is an excerpt from the lyrics in one of the songs off the record.  We just really thought there was no better way to sum up the overall message of the songs on the record.  Like I said, we really tried to dig deeper than we ever have with these songs, and the record is about personal growth.  Growing into who you really are is a really scary, uncomfortable thing to do sometimes, and the title serves as sort of a reminder of what should stay constant through all of that.

How was the recording and writing process?

Credit where credit is due, this record absolutely would not have turned out the way it did without Will Beasley (producer).  We’ve worked with Will before, and we’re really glad he was as excited about the idea of doing a full length together as we were.  We spent a little over two weeks in Bethesda, Maryland, and for the first seven or eight days we did nothing but pre-production and re-writes on the songs from the minute we got into the studio at about 12 to the moment we left around 9.  After we felt like all the songs were as structurally strong as we could get them, we spent the rest of the time there tracking drums, rhythm guitar, and bass.  After that, we took a couple of weeks off and went back to Richmond and sat on the rough mixes and thought about new ideas for vocals and leads.  Will had actually just gotten a new space in Richmond when we got home, so a couple of weeks later we went into his new studio and took another two weeks finishing vocals and leads.  The whole thing was really organic, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  We just sat in a room with friends talking about and making music all day for pretty much a month straight.

How does being from Richmond influence your music? What is the scene like where you’re from?

We’re very lucky to be from Richmond.  The support for DIY music and smaller bands around here is unbelievable.  We all grew up going to our friends’ shows and listening to bands coming out of our city and that’s what gave us the confidence to really go for it ourselves.  What’s also crazy is the amount of talent in the community here.  We listen to the local bands here not only because we want to support our friends, but also because they’re just really good.  There was a certain confidence instilled in us being from here that made it feel really legitimate to want to be in a band and to want to go on tour playing little rooms and sleeping in a van and making almost no money because that’s what all the people we looked up to in our city did.

How would you say your DIY mentality influences your music as a whole?

It’s in everything we do.  It seems that in the genre we fall into, that mentality never really goes away no matter how much your band grows, or at least we feel like it shouldn’t.  That’s how we started and it’s the reason for the entire ethos behind the songs we write, and influences pretty much every decision we make as a band.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

The lyrics all come from personal experience.  The album is sort of a snapshot of life within the past two-ish years through our lens.  There were a lot of really high highs and really low lows and we learned a lot from it, and some of it was very difficult.  We grew as people and as a band and even though it was uncomfortable or even scary at times, we came out better for it and we’re really proud of the album we made.

What else is happening next in House & Home’s world?

“Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light.” Comes out on April 17th and we’re working ridiculously hard to make sure that we deliver to everyone waiting for it in the biggest way possible.  The support that this band has gotten completely blows our minds and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Right now we’re just planning tours for the rest of the year and hoping we can get back out on the road soon!

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