6 Things to Do When Alone at Home

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You’ve probably experienced the pain of being bored and it’s safe to say that the experience is not fun at all. Instead of banging your head against the wall or laying on the ground feeling sorry for yourself, get up and do something productive with the precious alone time you have been given.

There are numerous tasks around the house to keep you busy when alone at home, but who wants to do those? Occupy your free time with something fun! Get creative and think of ideas. Here are five simple options that may inspire you to do something useful with your time.

1. Read a Book

Yes, many have told you to read a book before but it’s worth listening to them. Reading may sound like a boring way to pass your time, but it may just be what your brain needs.

Your reading options are endless—there are billions of books to pick from and the perfect book for your mind is out there. Find a book that interests you and get lost within its pages.

2. Start Writing

Writing is an outlet that many people turn to as a cure for boredom. There are no rules about writing your own story. A great place to start is with short stories and you may not believe it but reading will enhance your writing ability.

Surf the internet for great ideas that may stir up your creativity. If you have a natural way with words, you can also join the freelancing world and turn your way of passing time into a way of generating passive income.

3. Gamble Online

How many times have you played the games on your phone? Nothing gets boring as quickly as replaying the same old mobile games over and over again. Why not try your hand at online gambling instead?

As you scroll through the different gambling games you may stumble upon the top online casinos in Canada, America, or any place around the world. Joining the online casino community may just be the answer to your boredom problem and the next time you’re at home, you will know what to keep yourself occupied with that could even earn you some money!

4. Explore YouTube

YouTube is one of the best sources of fun online and it can keep you busy for hours. The videos you can watch range from silly, mindless videos such as the Nyan Cat right through to informative ‘How To’ videos.

You can also join the YouTube community by posting videos of your own. If writing blogs is not your thing then why not try vlogs? Who knows, if you’re good at it you could even monetise your channel. Another way to make money in a fun way!

Apart from having YouTube as a source of entertainment, you can turn to other social media platforms to keep yourself busy.

5. Go Down Memory Lane

When was the last time you looked through your old photos or maybe even your records? Keep yourself entertained by playing your favourite classic rock songs and travelling back in time. Or sit back and watch a classic movie. Ironically you might enjoy ‘Home Alone’.

Take old photos you have of family and friends & make a collage on your wall to honour the great memories they helped you create. This may be a more time-consuming task, but it’s wise to have ongoing projects that can keep you motivated to stay creative.

6. Learn to Play Music

Music is a big part of most people’s lives. So why not teach yourself how to play your favourite songs? There are many instruments to choose from, so pick according to your preferences! It’s always recommended to start with easy playing instruments, though if you have a passion for the guitar it doesn’t help you start with a flute.

If you feel the need to learn how to play an instrument and you have no idea which one to pick, then do some online research. Classical or perhaps learn to create electronic dance music? YouTube will help here too: watch tutorials and learn a new skill!


There are many tasks and hobbies you can pick up when you’re bored at home. You only need to be creative and think outside of the box.

The beauty of entertaining yourself is that you do it your way. You set the rules whether it be gambling online, painting your walls, playing the piano, writing a full-blown horror story or taking a much-needed power nap.

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